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  • So I was just perusing the breed list to check on horses I sent in, and I noticed one criollo I sold was denied for having overo. I registered a criollo as overo a couple months back, and it went through just fine. Everywhere I've read states that Overo is indeed allowed, its tobiano that's not. I can provide proof if necessary! I could have swore it was on the MBL when I registered

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    Overo isn't listed on the MBL. It may be an error. @Morgan-Cameron may have more info on that

  • Thanks! I'd love to get this resolved, or know why its not listed so I can change my own horse and fix the markings on the one I sold!

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    If you want Overo added to the master breed list for Criollo's you need to make a post to show that it actually exists in the real life breed.
    More info about it in this post
    If you have a horse with a colour that is not accepted by the MBL you can register it as unrealistic.
    realistic vs unrealistic registration

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    @Nea-Sterling It was listed on the MBL at one point, I think she's wondering why it's no longer there?

  • ^ yeah that. it was there at one point, I swear. I see "white spotting" which seems to be new/have replaced it, and that's why I'm confused.

  • Well, Wikipedia clearly states that overo is an accepted color in the breed registry irl. I do wonder why it was taken off the MBL in the first place.

  • It's not an error. It was not allowed a couple of months ago and accepting a horse with the pattern was a mistake. You will need to find examples of purebred frame criollos (emphasis on the purebred). It is very easy to find horses that are clearly frame that are being called 'criollos' but 'criollo' is a generic term for a mixed breed horse in South America...

  • At least here in Brazil, overo and tobiano criollos are accepted. Here are some registrations and pictures:
    This one is Entonado da Maya, a black overo, and here is his registration.
    alt text
    alt text
    This one is PO Carapintada, a bay tobiano, and here is his registration.
    alt text

  • I had to go through the regulations in Portuguese but...

    "Quanto às pelagens dos animais da raça equina crioula, somente não serão aceitas as pelagens pintada e albina total."

    Translation: "As for the coats of animals of the creole equine breed, only the painted and total albino pelts will not be accepted."

    I would like to see more information on the example horses and some more examples in general so that I can figure out why these might be exceptions.

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    Overo seems to have been removed from the MBL for Criollos by mistake- it has been replaced and Frame is now accepted in Criollos

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