Horses dissapearing from leaderboards

  • Hello! I have an issue, when my horses are dissapearing from leaderboard. Horse who is 100% registered is gone from leaderboard... It's not the first time. Should I use change error form? What is going on?

  • Update:
    Total horses missing from leaderboards - 5
    what is going on ;-;

  • Does the horses have any points or are they newly registered?

  • Three of them competed before, one had points others had entries. There are two freshies, but I'm not concerned about them yet.

  • I find TBEC The Blood Sea on both the leaderboard and the show history, Etna in the show history (the show history is the second tab in the sheet)

    None of your other horses have dressage listed as neither primary nor second discipline and should thus not appear in the leaderboard.

  • thank you, but other disciplines still dissapear <3 I will wait and see

  • Omg, I thought I read dressage somewhere :face_palm: Sorry :laughing:

    I hope you'll get it solved soon!

  • Administrators

    If you make a list of the horses names and IDs that you're concerned about then I can look into it.

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