[FOUND] TB eventing stallion

  • As all my stallions are young and rather unexperienced yet, I'm looking for a thoroughbred stallion for my successfull mare, Voodoo Doll SHS, which is eventing State Champion and dressage National Champion. She has impressive pedigree and gives many bonus points so the foal may be very interesting prospect. I care and love my horses, so I try to have them as active as they can be but please keep in mind that I have reallife, too.

    What I look for is:

    • stallion, of course :laughing:
    • thoroughbred
    • I have no color preferences, any is fine
    • 2nd/3rd generation, pedigree bonus points is a must
    • must be at least State Champion in eventing and/or dressage
    • I'll be picky about conformation
    • looking for a BIY, the owner of the stallion must be ok with this

    I'm willing to pay any price you are asking for the right stallion as long as it is in a reasonable range.

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