[ENDS 15 JUN] Sort of reduction sale

  • Well, my pc feels like dying. I wanted to have fun with these pons in future, but I can't. I'd like them to get to active home (scrapy), competitions not required but nice. Regular rules apply, but feel free to adjust coat or confo. If you read rules then write your favourite horse breed in application. You can name them as you want, but keep my prefix (ALI). Please send applications in PM.

    Gentleman's Socks x Etna
    ee AA Splspl
    15.2 hh Angloarabian
    alt text

    Volcana is exeptional mare. Very brave and energetic, but sometimes has her moments. She likes to test her rider, and needs someone at least intermediate to ride her. Once you bond with her, you will get amazing friend. Volcana's parents compete in dressage, halter and horseball, so she is prospect.

    Skooma x Wings
    ee Aa Zz Gg
    14.2 quarab (Arabian x APH)
    alt text

    Winged is gentle filly. Because of her young age, she is still shy and needs confident rider who will comfort her. She can be ridden by anyone, as long as she trust the person. She will make perfect beginner horse in future. Her parents compete in halter, endurance, reining and western dressage. She would do great in anything tho!

    Gentleman's Socks x Flightless Bird
    Ee AA Rn+
    15.2 progenitor grade (75% TB x 25% APH)
    alt text
    Bird is athletic, surefooted boy. Despite his young age, he already is very easygoing, and with good training, he may become great sport horse. His parents compete in halter, horseball and showjumping.

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