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  • Hello welcome to my blog, this is like my second time doing this. Writing is not one of my stronger talents :D , but I am going to give it a try. Katharina Opalhaven is a passionate horse lover, she loves horses of all types on matter their color, breed or size, Kat has she is known by her friends loves them all. Kat was born and raised in Texas and she is 20 years old, she loves to sing and she loves to be around and work with horses. This comes from her Native American background and it seems to be in the blood. Kat is currently going to the University to get a degree in performing arts. When Kat was very young she wanted to buy a stable and breed beautiful horses, and she loved to go to the race track and watch these magnificent animals do what they love best in life - RUN! Kat knew she wanted to own a stable, but she was not sure which breed to work with, until the triple crown season of 2015 was here. She watched has American Pharoh threw in his hat to become the next triple crown winner and later that year the winner of the breeders cup. Kat decided than and there that she would become the best breeder of Thoroughbreds that was ever born into this big world of ours. Kat also enjoys the world of the Sport horses too, she loves to ride and she is a good rider, so Kat wants to get a nice sport horse or two to do a bit of competition for fun.

    RKO Haven Show String:

    ID Show Name Breed Sex Coat Title
    19761 FWCE Victoria (Victoria) Trakehner Mare Chestnut None
    ID Show Name Breed Sex Coat Title
    29008 Alto Wine (Layla) Thoroughbred Mare Sooty Bay None
    ID Show Name Breed Sex Coat Title
    29319 RHZ Beethoven ( Beethoven) Hanoverian Stallion Chestnut None
    ID Show Name Breed Sex Coat Title
    29332 RKO Ginger Snap (Ginger) Thoroughbred Mare Light Bay None
    ID Show Name Breed Sex Coat Title
    29605 RKO Lady Elsabeth( Elsabeth) Gypsy Vanner Mare Liver Chestnut None
    ID Show Name Breed Sex Coat Title
    29656 GA' Bacardi (Gabby) Hanoverian Mare Chestnut None
    ID Show Name Breed Sex Coat Title
    33820 RKO The Quiet Man (Duke) Thoroughbred Stallion Cream None
    ID Show Name Breed Sex Coat Title
    33865 RKO Witraz Fetysz Siglavi (Siggy) Arabian Stallion Bay None
    ID Show Name Breed Sex Coat Title
    34054 RKO Master Cedrick Trakehner Stallion Brown None
    ID Show Name Breed Sex Coat Title
    34092 RKO Dutchess O'Leary Irish Draught (Draft) Mare Dapple Grey None
    ID Show Name Breed Sex Coat Title
    na Name Breed Sex Coat None
    ID Show Name Breed Sex Coat Title
    na Name Breed Sex Coat None
    ID Show Name Breed Sex Coat Title
    na Name Breed Sex Coat None

  • It's Sunday and I got word that I am now the proud owner of a Thoroughbred mare Called Alto Wine and a Hanoverian Stallion called RHZ Beethoven. I was very excited to have my first TB mare to start my racing Thoroughbred breeding program and I also have a very nice competition horse, so that I can start showing in the hunter/jumper ring. Now I just need to get to work on my home work and call it a day. Happy dreams tonight for Katharina Opalhaven.

  • Katharina woke today with the new that her two new charges will be arriving soon to her home, Katharina has a lot of school to do and she just can not seem to concentrate on that right now. Kat needs to get her new charges stalls in order and she wants to find a bigger stable to move herself and her horses to. Appaloosa plains is great but she needs more room and the horses would definitely like like that. Katharina has her eye on a place by the name Awasajiw. The property belonged to Sugars Legacy Stables at one time, the grounds a beautiful, there is a Race Track near the place and it reminds her of Texas and the name appeals to her Native American background too. Katharina first has to build up her money and get done with her schooling. Just another day in the life of a student.

  • It was the middle of a rainy Sunday night when I heard the big transport truck pull in front of her home, I was in the middle of a dream about one of my horses becoming a grand champion, funny how childhood dreams keep coming back to you. I jumped out of bed to see one of my new steeds walking from the truck on to my stable grounds. I did not know much about my new Hanoverian stallion except for his name - Beethoven, to my delight he was a deep red chestnut horse and a big tall horse at that, I did see pictures of him but they did not do him justice at all and he was more beautiful then the photos. Beethoven was imported from Russia, I knew that he had done some showing in that country and I am eager to start his career here in the United States of America. I know that he was trained for show jumping and I wanted to do some dressage on my Handsome Russian Stud horse, but for now Beethoven and I need to work on our friendship before He could trust me and I him. I was hoping that my new Thoroughbred mare would be in the transport truck with Beethoven, but she was not. I will have to look in the matter has I am getting a bit worried about my mare and Kat has a bad habit of letting Kats fears over take her - note to self work on calmness. I am sure that all is well, Kat just wants to meet her new Thoroughbred filly.

    Hello nice to meet you
    http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll233/RKOpetz/RKO Haven Estats/nicetomeetyousamll.jpg
    Yay Treats
    http://s289.photobucket.com/user/RKOpetz/media/RKO Haven Estats/excited tomeetsmall.jpg.html
    Nothing like and good grooming to start a friendship off on a good note
    http://s289.photobucket.com/user/RKOpetz/media/RKO Haven Estats/nothinglikeagoodgroomingsmall.jpg.html
    http://s289.photobucket.com/user/RKOpetz/media/RKO Haven Estats/katandbeethovenmeetsmall.jpg.html

  • It is Tuesday and I was still wondering about my new Thoroughbred mare. The mare's name Alto Wine, she is a sooty bay and that is just about all I know about her other than she has done work in Halter classes and did some Show jumping too. I was just about to give the seller a call, when I heard the big transport truck show up in front of my house. I very was excited and relieved all at the same time. Than I saw Alto Wine, she was a breath taking mare, with grace and beauty. I has never seen Sooty Bay colored horse in person before and I was amazed at how the sun played on the coat of this stunning mare. I watched Alto survey her new surroundings, has I was watching this mare I was amazed at how she was taking in the new sensations that she is experiencing, has I myself was amazed by her beauty. Just than my serene surrounds were invaded by a big thundering red steed, it was Beethoven coming to see what was happening in his territory. Beethoven stopped trotting once he caught the sent of Alto Wine, both horses were very aware on each other in that moment. Beethoven started to show off and call to his new herd member. Alto Wine started to paw at the ground and whinny back to Beethoven has if some ancient feeling rose up in the mare. I worried about how the two horses would react two each, but it seems that I had nothing to worry about after all. Introducing two horses they have never meet before could turn out very bad, but this appears that this meeting is a very good.

    Laya and Kat meet

  • It is Friday and I decided to make a Data base to keep track of my horses Laya and Beethoven, I had time between classes to do this data base so that I did not have to worry about keeping points up to date or upcoming shows that I entered my horses in. Laya is already competing has she is already registered Equus, how ever I am still waiting on Beethoven's genetic test report before he can start competing in shows too. This has been a very busy week for me so I am ready to start doing what I love best, working with horses - besides singing that is. I am so glad I took the advice of Equus' staff member Elsie Spectre, she was very helpful to me on many occasions.

    RKO Haven Data Base

    Going to Class

  • It is Saturday I just got back from school and I got an A on my report card too, Yay! Kat. I have to go back to school soon and I got worried about leaving my horses too long with out someone to look in on they more than once a day. So I decided to hire someone to stay at my place to take care of things while I am a way at school. I placed an add in the paper for someone who loved horses and animals has much has I do, they would also need a bit of experience with horses too. To my surprise a Handsome young man by the name of Alexander Kirk answered my add, but little did I know how much this man would have an effect on me. I just could not help myself, I had to play it cool and than I just told him he had the job before he could get a word out, he just looked at me and smiled - I just about lost it there, he was perfect. I had others ask about the job but Alex was the one I wanted to help me out and maybe just maybe Alex and I may become some thing more has time went on. Alexander moved in with his Thoroughbred mare Ginger, he also had a dog called Ramses, an Afghan hound. I helped Alex move in and I let him know how I wanted things to be done while I was a way at school, he looked a bit disappointed that I would be going off to school so soon, I am not sure but could he be just has interested in me has I was in Alex, oh be still me beating heart. After we looked at each other for what seemed to be a very long time, we headed off to spread the hay for the horses, I showed Alex to his room and than I went off to my room to study - yep like that was going to happen, I just could not take my mind off of my new hired hand. But study I did, I will stay at home for one more day and than it is back to school for me. I was getting ready to go to sleep, when I remembered that I had not checked my email, my sister has been wanting me to come for a visit and there was another horse that I had a bid on and it looks like I have another mare on the way. The seller just sent me the news and I Thought to myself could this day get any better, a new handsome man in my life and a new horse - I went to bed a very happy camper indeed.

    Alexander Kirk
    Alex and horses
    Day dreaming

  • It is Sunday and today I am expecting my newest horse, a Trakehner mare by the name of FWEC Victoria. Victoria{Vicky} is a Dressage Regional Champion, she is by Sigma's Ren and out of FWEC Vista. Vicky's breeders are Natalie Sans/Kia Williams. I am so looking forward to meeting this mare. I am going to have Alex ride her in a few shows and than I think I will look for a nice Trakehner champion stud to breed her too. I may retire her to brood mare after I add to her show points. I have always thought that the Trakehner horses are so elegant and tall, very tall. They were developed in Germany and now they are all over the world. Trakehners are such beautiful horses and I am very happy to add this wonderful mare to my competition horse string. I will show Beethoven and Alex will show Vicky, this is going to be such fun. I also gave my step dad a call and wished him a happy father's dad - which I thought was a good idea, I would hate to have my sister Frankie mad at me, after all her father did raise up me a bit.

  • @Katharina-Opalhaven Darn tootin', Sis. He loves yer Ingin blood just like mine. Smooches!

    P. S. Yer Boy Toy is cute! ;-)

  • It is Tuesday and I still have not made it back to the University yet, but I am very busy caring for horses and showing the ropes to Alex. To his credit Alex is being very accommodating to me and taking everything in. I got my new mare settled into her new home, Vicky is getting along well with the other horses and it is a site to see. Beethoven being the only stallion keeps track of his little band of mares, the ladies put up with it only for so long and than they tell him where he stands in the herd, I could watch my horses all day long but there is bills to pay and chores to be done. I need to reply to my sister Frankie's email too. Today is turning out to be a very busy day indeed.

  • It is another Monday and after a very hard almost three weeks I had to have a bit of down time Kat had to get her network back up, fix her air conditioning unit and study for her big test at the university. Kat was able to keep her A grade too after all that mess, so now I am home caring for my horses and getting up to date on what else needed to be done here at RKO Haven Estate. I need to email me sister and see how she is. I am very happy to have everything back in working oder, I think I will take a vacation once school is done. The last thing I need is to have a brand made for my horse farm, I am working on the design and it is coming along nicely, doing artistic thing always seems to sooth my soul and ease my mind too, especially after the last few weeks.

  • It is Thursday and I am finishing up with school, I can not wait until I am done with home work and classes. I am going to be one of the top people of Sims University graduation class of 2017 and I feel great, I have also entered two of my horses in shows. I am riding Alto Wine and Alexander is riding Victoria, I can hardly wait to see my horses and Alexander. It has been a very hard school week, with all the home work, studying and going to class, but it is all worth it. This week was interesting in that I have had a lot of boys asking me out on dates and even one girl(really not into the girl thing) but it was kind of fun to have some many folks that seem to like me and want to hang out with me. I did go out with this one guy, he was very nice but he is not Alexander, so we are just friends. Yep school life was very fun and exciting, went to parties, made lots of friends and I can draw very well, I may just paint some of my horses lol. I am thinking about getting a Gypsy Vanner horse, I was on my PC at school and I had just finished up with some studying, so I decided to look at horse you tubes - that was not a good thing, because I came across a very beautiful horse with a long flowing mane and tail and lots of feathering around its feet - I fell in love, so now guess what I am doing lol. Looks like I will need to add more help at the stable and have some folks take care of the racing stock, I think Alex and I will be handling the riding horses and I may do the driving horses. If is so funny how you think you want to do one thing, but than you get into some thing else all together - lucky Kat lol. Well back to studying, until next enjoy your horses and all that goes with them.

  • It is Friday and I had a very big day, I said goodbye to all my college friends and Alexander came to my graduation ceremony, so life is good. I returned home and started to make a plan for horse care and I am taking riding lessons to improve my seat on the back of my horse, I hope it helps my riding skill. It was time to do some yard work and while I was working Vicky my Trakehner mare and champion want to get some time with me, it was a nice break and I got to have a tender moment with Victoria while I was racking leaves up in the pasture. Vicky just wanted to gave me a hug, she probably thought I needed one. It is hard work caring for four horses, Alex help out a lot but we are in need of some help. Alex and I do not get the ride time in on horse back and so I think our show scores show the lack of riding on our part. I am going to put an add in the paper to get more help with the horses and than maybe we can get more training in with our horses. My house is very big so I think it would be nice to have a married couple move in. Maybe it will give Alex some ideas about him and I(a girl came dream). Well I need to finish cleaning the stalls and placing some hay down for the horses and than shower, food and bed. Until next time, keep having fun with your horses.

  • It is Saturday and today I decided to finish up my data sheets for my horses, Alexander did the stable work today so I can get my book work started for my stable facility and I am so glad it is done, now I can work on training my horses. Will that is about it for today, until next time enjoy your horses and all that goes with them. :D I had to add a bit of news I got an email by some one who was looking for a brood mare for their stud horse, we had a nice conversation about the Thoroughbred horses and bloodlines, it was very nice, so I decided that I would let Darius use Ginger. So I got her ready and I just sent my Thoroughbred mare RKO Ginger Snap over to Darius Royle's stable to be bred by her stallion. This foal will help Darius out with some breeding stock, I can hardly wait to see Ginger's new foal. Ta Ta

    RKO Haven Estate books

  • It is Wednesday and it has been a big week my family has decided to come visit, I was only expecting my mother and my youngest sister Frankie, instead the whole Purpledawn clan is at RKO Haven Estate and my mother has offered to help me out a bit at my stable for some reason - very odd, I just don't know if Kat can handle all of the clan visiting all at once but Kat will make it through the rest of the week. I must admit that it was fun seeing my step dad and my half siblings too. Also today my Trakehner Mare Victoria did well on her Dressage test, Beethoven not so much, but Beethoven is just starting to go to the Dressage show, he also has a filly on the ground out of GA' Afrodita. My new filly is chestnut like her sire Beethoven and she is beautiful, her name is GA' Bacardi and I well be raising her up to be a fine sport horse. I have also imported some Gypsy Vanner horses too, one comes from a Scottish Vanner farm and three will be coming from Japan. The mare from Scotland is here at RKO Haven Estates, she is a very sweet and intelligent liver chestnut Gypsy Vanner mare, her name is RKO Lady Elsabeth and to add to her beauty she has a flaxen mane and tail with one white stocking. Gypsy horses are generally piebald(black /bay and white) or skewbald(chestnut/ lighter color and white). What makes Elsabeth special is that she is a solid color Vanner, they are less common than the painted Vanners which is what the Gypsy people like, a flashy horse that can pull their wagon homes all day long and to be gentle and careful around very young children. So this is the breed of horses that will make up my breeding programs. Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds and the very magical Gypsy Vanner horses. FRED get away from that - umh sorry about that one of my half brothers was getting into Kats paperwork, Kat took weeks to get them together. Oh how is Kat going to cope with this family reunion. Well Kat has to go run herd on her invading - Kat means visiting family members. On a high note I found another helper, he is an American Indian and he seems to have away with my horses, there is something about him that I can't put my finger on and My mother was acting Stanger than usual when she laid eyes one him. Oh well that is it for now, so enjoy your horses and all that goes with them. Ta ta.

  • @Katharina-Opalhaven Sis, I am glad it is you and NOT me! They wear me out when they come visit, too. Smooches!

  • @Francesca-Purpledawn I noticed that you decided not to show up with the rest of the family, not very nice leaving me alone with them. lol

  • @Katharina-Opalhaven Well, Shoot! You caught me red handed!! I was on my way to your beautiful RKO Haven Estates when I got a call from an old dear friend o'mine askin' me to come help him figure out a situation he found himself in. I will make it a point to come by and see you and the Clan. But, Ooo eeee, I hope you keep 'em for a while, the longer they are with you, the longer I have the Estate to myself, Sugah! Smooches!!!

  • **email:**Your friend would not happen to be that cute guy you always go on about - would he!! hummmmm... Well it is another Saturday here at RKO Haven Estates, Ginger Snap is registered with Equus stud book and so is Beethoven too. Ginger is ready to start racing and I have decided to see what she will do in a halter show, she is a very pretty Thoroughbred and I thought it would fun to see what happens. I also have high hopes for her on the track too. Beethoven is training well and we have been to number of shows already, I am very pleased with his work, Beethoven is do beautiful. Currently while a wait for Beethoven's filly to come home, we are working on her pen right now. My newest staff member Joe seems to be very friendly, I find his voice comforting when ever he talks to me - as if I almost knew his voice in a far off dream or some thing, Kat get a hold of your self - you have work to do. On another note my mother Una acts like she wants to tell me some thing, but than she goes on about things happening around PAC-Saddle, my step Father's family home. Most of the Purpledawn clan have went home to work on their many projects that they have going on in their lives, Fred and Chase bought a new place to work with horses their own way, the twins are helping my step dad around PAC-Saddle and my Mom Una is hanging with me a bit longer. She is hiding some thing from me and Kat dose not like it, nope Kat is not happy at all. Is she sick, is one of my other family members in trouble - Fred is always doing some thing wrong. Kat just dose not know and Kat is very worried. ;/
    Kat has I say to myself stop worrying you are starting to talk to yourself, it is most likely nothing at all, you know how odd your mother can be.
    well back to work for now, enjoy your horses and all that goes with them. Ta ta

  • It is Thursday and I am busy working with my horses, Alto Wine is doing very well at her shows and Ginger just entered her first race. Elsabeth my gypsy horse also entered her first endurance race and my filly by Beethoven is still waiting for her paper work to go through and than she will begin entering shows. My newest hired hands Joseph and Robert are learning ropes too. My mom Una is still helping around the stable while the rest of the Purpledawn clan have all went back to their own lives. It was nice to have them visit but I am sure glad that the visit is over with and life here at RKO Haven Estates is getting back to normal. Well back to my horses and the books, enjoy your horses and all that goes with them. Tata :D

    Mama and Alto Wine
    My Mother Una and my mare Alto Wine enjoying a ride
    My Vanner Elsabeth

  • It is Friday and I had a busy day getting pictures of my home bred foal GA' Bacardi with the help of Ms. Shebanova. Ms. Shebanova leased me one of her nice mares to breed to Beethoven. Beethoven and Afrodita produced a beautiful filly, whom I call Gabby. Well this wonderful filly is all grown up now, she is started under saddle and is doing very well. Gabby will be my Eventing and Show Hunter, she seems to enjoy her work and her sire Beethoven seems to enjoy her company. I wonder if he know that she is his offspring lol, but at any rate, I have been running around trying to get her paper work in order so that she can be registered in the Equus stud book and than we will be entering some shows. I am deciding on a rider for her, but I think That I will be her rider, we get along pretty well. She also likes Joseph too(I wish I knew why I am so taken with this person) Oh well I got side tracked again - what was Kat doing oh yes paper work for Gabby or GA' Bacardi. Well time to go feed horses and humans :D Enjoy your horses and every thing that goes with them. Tata
    GA' Bacardi - Gabby

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