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  • It is Wednesday and I received word that my new stallion has arrived safely to the his new home. I have not had a chance to look him over or even meet him. Dad say I picked a good stallion, my newly discovered dad Joseph has worked with horses most of his life because of his/ our family back ground. I have been so busy with schooling and all that goes with it that it seems all I do is eat, study and sleep. I do try to some my horses but I am thinking that I am going to change my riders around. I think I want to work with my new Arabian so dad said that he would work both of the Hanoverians, Beethoven and his daughter Gabby. I still have not place a horse with Robert yet so next show season he will be riding a horse or two most likely Robert will be working with Victoria and my GV mare Elsabeth. Alexander dose very will with my Thoroughbred so he will stay with my racers, with one exception Layla, my mother Una adores Layla and Layla seems to like her too. So that leaves lil old Kat with no horse for next show season and lot of school work. I should be done with veterinary at the end of this year and than it is looking for a vet clinic to call my own, the nice is It will cut down on my vet bills that in deal with every year. now I can give my horses shots and check ups the easy stuff, the rest will be done by more experienced veterinarians. Yep nothing but the best for my babies. Well that is it for now, Tata

    Riding Schedule Roster for 2019
    Katharina Opalhaven - RKO Witraz Fetysz Siglavi (Siggy)
    Una H O Purpledawn - Alto Wine (Layla)
    Alexander B Kirk - RKO The Quite Man (Duke) and RKO Ginger Snap (Ginger)
    Joseph Ohanko - RHZ Beethoven (Beethoven) and GA' Bacardi (Gabby)
    Robert Opalhaven - FWEC Victoria (Vicky) and RKO Master Cedrick (Ricky)
    Sally Mustang - RKO Lady Elsabeth ( Elsabeth)
    Colleen McGriffin - RKO Dutchess O'Leary (Dutchess)

  • It is Thursday and Thanksgiving, I just got home from school and Una made a nice dinner for everyone to enjoy, I enjoyed some food and went out to the stalls, I wanted greet all of horses, give them a lil treat and meet my new stallion. I also let everyone know what the plan was for next years show season. I walked over to the stud barn next when a flash of moving caught my eye, there he was in all his glory, a breath taking beautiful Arabian stallion running towards the fence to see what was going on. I knew that my polish Arabian was here at the Estate now but I was not expecting to see such a beautiful approaching me with tail flag and whinnies of greeting and he has not even meet me yet. It was as if this stallion and I knew each other all our life. I went over to him and when I was close enough to meet and give him a pat on his power neck, he rewarded me if a nicker. Well hello there fella, you sure a beautiful to behold, I never really understood the meaning of and I cote " the out side of a horse is good for the soul of a man" or woman in my case, it just gives me more proof that there is a God an he knows what I need just when I need it. Life has been very hard this past year and Lord knows I needed some thing I just didn't know what that was lol. I said Kat as I often do, this is your horse and you and he will be the best of friends. I have always though that Arabians where wonderful horses and now I get to see just how wonderful this breed of horse is. Well I need to go visit my other horses and it was hard to leave Siggy , but I will be seeing him again very soon. Siggy and I need to get started with training, He is so graceful That I will place Siggy in Liberty shows, because he sure did give me a show :D. Tata and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and those you love most.

    *We Meet at Last:*

    The Greeting:

    Look no lead rope:

    Now we are Flying:

    Don't Worry I will return:

  • It is Saturday and I finished my first exams for the university, I got an A which makes mom and dad very happy. The first thing I am going to do is enjoy a nice trail ride with Siggy my new Polish Arabian stallion. While I was at school I wrote up an advertisement for him to let everyone know we have an excellent stud ready to service their mares. I am very happy that I was able to purchase this awesome stallion. For now I am going to enjoy his company and think about getting him a herd of mares. I think he will produce some wonderful foals. Well that's it for now, Tata

  • It is Monday and I was very pleased with the outcome of Siggy's and my first outing as a working team, I was watching a friend working his horse, they were in western outfit doing some Dressage moves. I asked my friend what he was working on and he told me that he and his horse was practicing their run for a show that he entered. I was interested in what it was called. My friend said that it was a new type of discipline to show horse in and it is called Western Dressage. So I took to my PC and instead of studying for school (I was on holiday anyway) and studied the rules for this type of show, tried it out with some of my horses that knew Dressage but it just rattled them, except for my new main guy Siggy, he took to the western Dressage like a champ and seem to really enjoy doing it. Siggy and I entered a show and we did way better than I thought we would. Siggy was great and I didn't do to bad if I say so myself lol. Well that's about it for now, Tata

  • It is Friday and I woke not feeling very good, I think I have the flu, which is not good because I have home work to do and horses to work and I am not getting any thing done. Mom (Una) is driving me crazy mothering me. I tell her that I'm a grown woman, but she just tells me that I will always be her baby, so if it makes her happy to nurse me back to health, Kat will just have to deal with it I guess, though it is nice to have Mom give me a bit of attention. Well that's about all I have today, Tata

  • It is Monday and today I am making sure that everyone here at the Estate knows which horses they will be working with in 2019. Robert was very excited to learn that he will be with Elsabeth and Victoria and so he was introduced to both mares and they seem to really take to him. I know I am taken with him(sigh), it was a good day and I am happy with leaving Vicky and Elsa with Robert. Now I just have to get with Dad (Joseph) and make sure that he is good with working with Beethoven and his daughter Gabby, I will miss Beethoven but I know Dad will do very well with him. Alex will still work with the Thoroughbreds so there is no change with this group. I will work with my new Polish Arabian Ziggy and Mom (Una) will keep working with Layla. I am so happy that I got this done, now I just need to worry about school work and Ziggy. That about it for now. Tata
    Robert and his new charges :D
    Una (Mom) and Layla :dagger :D
    Me (Katharina) and Ziggy :D

  • It is Wednesday and today Kats been a bad girl, so I was doing some home work but I needed a break and so - yep you guessed the net was calling saying check out some new horses and it was not long before I fell in love with a new breed of horse and I just had to have one. What is you ask - why it is a Miniature Gypsy Horse, it is a breed that is being worked on to prefect it. I love Gypsy Vanners and have often thought that it would be so nice to have the Vanner in miniature form. I love Miniature Horses and I was going to add one or two to my ever growing herd, but now with my discovery of this little wonder I contacted a breeder and ask how I may help bring this breed to reality and he said well all you need is a small Gypsy Vanner mare and I happen to have one Elsabeth she is on the small side for a Vanner. He than said now you need a good stallion either a Miniature horse or import a Gypsy Cob from the UK or better still get with someone such myself that has already done this and I just happen to have a nice stud for sell, He continued to say. I of course told him you just sold yourself a horse. His breeder told me that he is called Ian but dose not have a show name yet and the breeder was okay with me adding RKO to the name. So his show name is RKO Milord Ian McOrr, I used McOrr because Ian's breeder's name is Lliam McOrr. The breeder loved the name and so Ian is home now with me. I am so excited to have this lil fella running around and the odd thing is Siggy and Ian are becoming fast friends, that is until there is a mare around lol. Thats all for now, Tata

    RKO Milord Ian McOrr - Ian Miniature Gypsy Horse

    If anyone would like to use my MGH template just send my a chat with your email :D

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  • @Katharina-Opalhaven said in RKO Haven Estate:

    "It is Monday and I was very pleased with the outcome of Siggy's and my first outing as a working team, I was watching a friend working his horse, they were in western outfit doing some Dressage moves. I asked my friend what he was working on and he told me that he and his horse was practicing their run for a show that he entered. I was interested in what it was called. My friend said that it was a new type of discipline to show horse in and it is called Western Dressage. So I took to my PC and instead of studying for school (I was on holiday anyway) and studied the rules for this type of show, tried it out with some of my horses that knew Dressage but it just rattled them, except for my new main guy Siggy, he took to the western Dressage like a champ and seem to really enjoy doing it. Siggy and I entered a show and we did way better than I thought we would. Siggy was great and I didn't do to bad if I say so myself lol. Well that's about it for now, Tata"

    @Katharina-Opalhaven I was wondering what you was doin' out in the field with Siggy. You both looked good, but don't go lettin' that get to your head, my lovely hoity-toity Sis! Smooches!

  • It is Saturday and I have just talked to dad about next years show season, I told him that I wanted to work with Siggy and help bring a new breed of horses into the horse world, we can never have too many breeds of horses I always say lol. Joseph (dad) said he under stood what I wanted to do and that he will be happy to handle Beethoven for me, so I packed Beethoven up and brought him to my Dad's place. I will miss seeing Bee at the main barn but Bee and my dad needed to get to know each other be for they start working together. I went home and worked with Siggy, Ian and than I made welcome Ian's new mate Bernadette, I will be helping to make the Miniature Gypsy Horse breed a reality and help to breed a true Gypsy Vanner in miniature. Will got to go for now lots to do. Tata

    Joseph, Beethoven and his daughter Gabby

    RKO Milady Bernadette McOrr - Bernie

  • It is Sunday and I just imported a Trakehner stallion from Germany. His name is Cedrick and he will become the foundation stallion for the RKO Haven bred Trakehner horse. Ricky has a very refined head that is very Arabian looking , in fact he is very refined all over and is very beautiful. I will be handling him along with Siggy. Ricky is very sweet and has a very lead back temperament for a warmblood type horse. I am very happy to have this fella added to my horsey family. That is about it for now, Tata

    RKO Master Cedrick - Ricky

  • It is Monday and Kat woke and realized that Kat dose not have enough handlers for all her horses(calm down Kat - Breath) so after Kat got over herself Kat though I will just hire more people, why not it's only money. So I went to all my handlers even Mom and Dad, they just told me to put a add in the paper, but I wanted to know that the person I hire is good enough to work with my horses. So I went to visit Alex to check on my Thoroughbreds and he told me he knew of someone. Alex has a girlfriend that is very good with horses and that she helps him out from time to time, so I called her and she said that she would be happy to help show my horses. Her name is Sally Joe Mustang and is kin to the very well known Mustang family. Everyone knows the Mustang family history from the time we learned how to read. They own a spread called Mustang Haven and I have heard of this big stable, so that makes me very happy, I think that I will let her work with the Miniature Gypsy Horses Ian and Bernadette, but I will not know when or if Equus Studbook will except these new breed of horse yet. But Sally said she would start working with them just the same. So now I can relax all my horses have handlers for the shows and I am expecting new foals next year so it looks like I will need more help at a later date. That's about it for now, Tata

  • It is Tuesday and today I stopped by to visit mom and she was working Layla in halter posing , Layla has been being a typical mare and acting up, I think I just need to let her have a foal, but Mom(Una) was not having any attitude from Layla and had Layla standing nice, Until Siggy decided to come and see me lol. I was busy with school and getting holiday stuff done and I asked my Mom what she thought about me adding more people to help out with horses. My stable has been growing more than I expected, now that I have decided to focus on breeding RKO Trakehners I still have other breeds that need to have folks just working with them. I love all my horses but there is only one me and a friend of my Colleen McGriffin wants me to help her out with her Irish Draught horse farm that she is starting up, want me to be a partner. Her horses are wonderful and it has my interest indeed. I told Colleen let me think about it. One thing is for sure vet bills will be almost nothing once I finish school :D . That about it for now, Tata

    Una and Layla(Alto Wine)

  • It is Thursday and today I went to see how Sally was getting on with my MGHs Ian and Bernie, to my surprise Sally was sitting on the ground with Ian and Bernie standing near her. I was so pleased to see that she knew her way around horses even tiny ones lol. I also asked her if she could hold a new horse for me which was the other reason I had to come visit Sally. I told Sally that my friend Colleen sent me a mare to check out to see if I wanted to purchase and Colleen also is hoping that this well sweeten the pie so that I would become a partner to her Irish Draught Horse breeding farm. So Kat being Kat I said sure let see this mare, little did I know that my friend Colleen sure knows how to play me lol. Dutchess was standing in the sun, her grey dappled coat just gleaming with health and just starting to grey into the flasher part of the greying process of the horse so Dutchess was maybe 5 or 6 years of age, but she was impressive. I have never seen a IDH in person and Dutchess sure took my breath away, Kat was hooked line a sinker caught into Colleen's trap lol. So Dutchess is now a part of my herd and I have another handler and partner in my friend Colleen and RKO Haven Estate keeps growning if we grow any more Kat is going to go coo coo, Kat already talks to her self lol. I had a good visit with Sally and told that the Equus folks have not ruled on the Miniature Gypsy Horses yet but that she will be working with a horse and that I just have to figure out who works with what horse/s. It is a good thing that the show season dose not start next year which is just a few weeks away. I will have a final roster next week I told Sally. I may have her work with Elsabeth my Gypsy Vanner mare and I am sure Robert(sigh) will be happy to just work with the Trakehners. That's about it for now, Tata and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all :dancers:
    Sally with Ian and Bernadette
    RKO Dutchess O'Leary

  • It is Friday and today I am going to visit Alexander to check on my Thoroughbreds Duke and Ginger. Ginger just foaled and gave us some twins, a colt and a filly which are growing up fast. I call the colt Irah and his sister is Jinny they are both fast and will make great racers, I love seeing them play and drive Ginger their dam crazy it seems she is always chasing after them. They are weaned and will be ready for new homes soon. I will miss them but I know that their new owners will just love them. Layla is also expecting a foal from Duke too, maybe that foal will have Duke's rare color - Kat can only hope lol. So far it seems the mares colors are showing up on the foals. I will miss these little guys but I am running a breeding farm so we can't keep all the babies. I checked in with Alex and told him that Sally is great with horses and I thanked him for suggesting that I hire her and he will be happy to see Sally more often since they both work for me :) well that is about it for now, Tata
    Alexander with Duke and Ginger

  • It is Tuesday and Christmas day, I had a nice time with the whole family including a new member just recently add to what seems to be a growing human family. My stepdad Franklin introduced me to his daughter fro an old stable hand - Talk about a Christmas surprise lol ! Deborah Beeborn is her name and she seems to be very nice. Franklin raised her before he married my mom Una so now I get to become better friends with Deb and my dad Joseph too. What a 2018 it has been for RKO Haven Estate. I also have been presented with three foals too, twins from Ginger and a filly from Layla - Duke has been a busy boy :D, Duke will also sire a foal Siri Kane too I can't wait to see that foal. Duke is a racing stallion and so these babies will be fast and have good heads on their shoulders too. Layla's filly will make a wonderful jumper also. All in all my life has been blessed this year :D that is it for now except Merry Christmas to all, Tata

    Layla and her filly Myra by Duke

    Duke with Ginger and their twins Irah and Jinny

  • It is Thursday and I am a bit under the weather - weather sure makes Kat crazy, but never mind about that and lets talk about my visit with Colleen. She told me that she found a nice stallion for my new RID herd, his name is Eric. Colleen said that he would be a perfect match for Dutchess and I believe Colleen, she knows her draft breeds. We went to the barn and there Eric was just nibbling on the hay that Colleen placed out for him. Colleen also said that she was talking to Sally about having Dutchess sent to the farm where Colleen is staying. I went up to Eric and he greeted me with a nicker, I had to smile at him, he was a powerful looking stallion and his color was so beautiful. I looked at Colleen with a wide grin and said wow Eric is so awesome, Colleen giggled at me and said I knew that you would like him, after all you seem to be drawn to brown horses. I said to Colleen you know me so well and than with both laughed. WE started to talk while we headed up to the house and she was telling me about a rare breed that needs help with getting noticed, they were another draft type Cob (I love Cobs) and that the registry club for the breed wanted show breeders to take on a pair of this breed to help it gain a foot hold in the USA. Of course that intrigued me, I am always looking new breeds that I can help, I asked her what the name was of the breed and she said the breed is called Normand Cob, they are a French breed and that they are strong smallish draft horse, sweet tempered horse and they need help because there are few of them around now. I looked at her and said okay I am in and that I will contact the Normand Cob breed club tomorrow. For now I am just going to enjoy hanging with Colleen and Eric. That is about it for now, Tata
    RKO Sir Eric

  • It is Friday and today I contacted the Normand Cob Registry to see about getting a mare, it seems they come with feathering on their legs and it can be a lot of hair on legs to none. This made me want research on this breed even more, do some folks like a lot of fluff on their Cob or is the hair shaved for showing there just seems to be more questions than answers. I am becoming more and more excited to add the Normand Cob to my ever growing herd, lucky for me that I only had one horse to show since all my other charges are with there handlers getting ready for next year's show season. I will handle Siggy and my new Cob once I locate a mare I like. I decided on a mare because I wanted Siggy not to get stressed about another stud being around. I will just need to keep Siggy focused on training and not the new mare lol good luck with that Kat :) . Well that's about it for now, Tata

  • It is Wednesday and the day after the New Year day, we are all doing well considering the big party we had here at RKO Haven Estate, I will have a very busy year with all the new horses and people that have been added to the RKO family. I have everyone assigned to their horses for the show season and Una(mom) just asked if she can take on another horse, I told her I may be able to help her with another mount to show - she has the bug now lol. I told mom that I was expecting a new horse or two very soon and when they come home to RKO Haven Estate that I will let her look at them. If she likes one of them I told she could work with the horse she chose. Mom went away with a big smile on her face. Well I have to get ready to go back to school and it is going to be fun because I have two horses to work with for the show season(Kat how did you let that Happen) calm down Kat. I took a deep breath and off I went to start my day. Happy 2019 all! Tata for now :D

  • It is Tuesday and today I spent the day checking out my foals and my new Polish Arabian mare, also I have been gathering supplies to go back to school. We have been very busy here at RKO Haven Estate , I will be starting a foal sale soon, I am evaluating them to see whether or not I will keep any. Two are up for sale for sure. My mother Una has become attracted to Layla's filly Myra. All the foals are sired by Duke my Thoroughbred stallion. Well that's about it for now, Tata

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