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    Arab Pose Pack I (10/06/17)

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    Arabian Pose Pack I

    A new set of 14 poses for your Arabs (or any horse really). These poses are all pose listed with Al Sahra as the creator, and look like the images in the preview. Pose pack includes a variety of stand, walk and trot poses suitable for both competition and casual photoshoots. Disclaimer: some sliders may interact with these poses in unpredictable ways, though I haven't found any problems with horses this has been tested on. Some poses may also not look great from all angles (neck bones, what can you do?), so play around. I hope you guys find these useful.

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  • Beautiful! <3 can't wait to use these on my 2 Arabs

  • Those poses look amazing. Thank you <3

  • Thank you for the poses! <3

  • Thank you for these, they are lovely :)

  • Development Committee

    These look beautiful, can't wait to try them, thanks for creating & sharing! <3

  • Thank you so much! I needed these! :heart:

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