[Ends When Sold]Silver Glade Stables Young Horse Sale

    Spring 2017 Warmblood Sale
    All of the warmbloods below are currently offered by Silver Glade Stables for sale, are currently competing in their chosen disciplines, and are out of premium bloodlines that offer pedigree bonus points. Prices will increase as their points do!

    -Do not put this horse up for mass download.
    -Active show homes are a must!
    -If you go inactive for three RL months without warning(no show entries, scrapbook updates, forum posts, etc) then I reserve the right to reclaim the horse, and you will be sent a message explaining my decision. Before reclaiming however, I will send a notice simply to make sure that I haven't missed any of your posts! :)
    -Please do not use the horse's coat or conformation as any sort of template, the conformation ONLY might be used for breeding, but never the coat.
    -All grey horses will be sent with a fully greyed coat, and you can tweak the in-between phases as you like!
    -Stallions can be gelded, and disciplines can be changed! I only ask that they remain active
    -I do ask that mares are given a chance to compete before bred, unless an embryo transfer is used. All horses require active show homes unless stated otherwise.
    -Prices will increase with every title gained by the horse. I am open to negotiation and trades, as it's more important to me that they go to good, active homes than getting paid does.

    The Horses

    -> alt text <-
    Silver's Scenery
    5 year old Stallion by Donnerax HAS/WEC, and out of Silver's Perfect Image - receives +10 in show jumping
    35 points in show jumping

    Puck is a wonderful little horse, with a willing temperament(albeit a little sassy sometimes when he's feeling playful, but it's all in good fun) and a natural talent that mimics that of the horses in his pedigree. On both sides he has accomplished show jumpers, and it's going to be tough to let him go. He's an intelligent young horse who has a lot of potential.

    Asking $30,000

    For this sale there is no set application, just shoot me a PM, DM, or an email (silvergladestables@gmail.com) and tell us about you, your stable, and what your plans are for the horse you're applying for! :)

    please let me know if you would like to see additional images of the horse you're interested in!

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