Pennyrile Farms [8/12] New Face

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    Welcome to my blog! My name is Cathleen Howe and I am the owner and manager of Pennyrile Farms based out of Eastern Kentucky.
    At Pennyrile we primarily focus on the showing and breeding of Tennessee Walking Horses, Rocky Mountain Horses, and American Saddlebred Horses. We've been in the business since 2013 (with a brief recent absence as I dealt with some personal troubles) and are hoping to become a strong name and force in the gaited horse industry.


    Name Breed Gender Primary Discipline
    WHW Gambler's One Hot Knight Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion Country Pleasure
    WHW Gambler's High Roller Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion Country Pleasure
    Gambler's Rock the Boat Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion Trail Pleasure
    BKR/PRF Eclipse of the Moon Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion Fine Harness
    WHW Gambler's Lucky Gun Tennessee Walking Horse Colt TBD
    WHW Crown Royal Tennessee Walking Horse Mare Country Pleasure
    WHW Nightbloom Tennessee Walking Horse Mare Park Pleasure
    Pride's Texas Legacy Tennessee Walking Horse Mare Country Pleasure
    Designed in Gold Tennessee Walking Horse Mare English Pleasure
    Cash's Proud Gold Coin Tennessee Walking Horse Mare English Pleasure
    PRF A Midnight Eclipse Tennessee Walking Horse Mare Country Pleasure
    PRF 50 Shades of Rosé Tennessee Walking Horse Mare English Pleasure
    Sam's Mountain Warrior Rocky Mountain Horse Stallion Park Pleasure
    Pennyrile's Harvest Moon Rocky Mountain Horse Stallion Trail Pleasure
    Dreamcatcher's Raven Lullaby Rocky Mountain Horse Mare Country Pleasure
    Sam's Promised One Rocky Mountain Horse Mare Park Pleasure
    Lady Carolina's Pride Rocky Mountain Horse Mare Speed Racking
    Pence's Southern Blues Rocky Mountain Horse Mare Speed Racking
    WRS Under Your Skin American Saddlebred Stallion Park Pleasure
    PRF Listen to the Music American Saddlebred Mare Park Pleasure

  • Introduction
    Aka my first picture dump. :joy:

    We've recently finished settling into our new facilities- starting our move in back at the end of winter and transition to spring. Everything is becoming more comfortably routine as we begin to find a rhythm at the new barns.

    alt text
    alt text
    Our primary Walker barn shortly after completion.

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    Designed in Gold settling into her new stall.
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    Bringing in Gambler's High Roller as we finish unloading the trailer.


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    Spring in the foothills of the Appalachias has been rather gloomy and full of showers this year- but it has made for some beautiful scenery on trail rides as things begin to turn green and bloom. My favorite part about the quiet seclusion in the mountains is the feeling of untouched wilderness as we ride familiar paths with the constant symphony of birds, cicadas, and bullfrogs while breathing in the heavy perfume of honeysuckle and damp earth.

    alt text
    Spring has also brought us the joy of young stock! We've recently purchased this handsome colt from a beloved friend whom had previously purchased our foundation stud Gambler's Lucky Draw. I have been so thrilled to have a tiny copy of my Ace to continue on his legacy, we've decided to name the little tyke Gambler's Lucky Gun! I'm hoping to see big things as the colt grows and pray for the same success his sire achieved.
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    Gunny has become quite taken with our West Haven mare, Crown Royal, and her yearling filly Nightbloom. The three seem to make a comfortable little family in the back pasture.

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    WRS Under Your Skin working beautifully as we take advantage of a sunny afternoon.


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    On the North side of the Pennyrile property is our RMH facilities.
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    Savannah Hope, my partner and the manager/trainer of our Rocky Mountain Horses working with my first RMH stallion, Sam's Mountain Warrior.

    Sorry like nothing is edited. Who's got time for dat? Hope you enjoyed!

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    I'm a little enamored with our newest addition, a bright and lovely red roan sabino Walker mare with the sweetest disposition and easygoing gait.

    PRF 50 Shades of Rosé has eased into her new home and melted hearts every step of the way..

    alt text
    alt text

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    We've finally got a break in the rain for a few days of sun and a humid start to a (so far) mild Kentucky summer. The ground has finally begun drying up enough to be something other than mud and swamp to allow turn out and a good thorough cleaning of the barns- where I probably should be... but it's good to be boss.
    Taking in a deep breath of the sweet summer scents of mowed grass, honeysuckle and horses I can't help but relish in the warmth of the sunny day while taking my time checking in on each paddock. My last stop was to check on our new roan mare, Rosé.
    "Hi sweet girl," I softly murmered, leaning against the gate as the mare turned her attention away from grazing to focus on me. "Well hello to you, think you could come over here or are you too busy?"
    A soft snort was my only reply, her interest mostly in watching me- ears perked high, making a fine figure where she stood against the backdrop of Appalachia so green and lush. "Ah!" I murmur as a sudden thought crossed my mind to get a quick snapshot- reaching in my back pocket to pull out my smart phone (bless these things and their many uses). Clucking softly to keep Rosé's attention on me and not her abandoned meal, I was able to snap a handful of shots with the hope one would turn out before the mare lost interest in me.
    "Guess I ought to get back anyway, someone's bound to notice I'm missing soon," said with a heavy sigh, receiving only a tail flick in recognition of my presence. Turning slowly away from the gate, I stifle a yawn behind my hand as I make my way back with no real need to hurry.

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    PRF A Quiet Winter Romance - American Saddlebred Mare

    PS someone teach me your amazing hair skills.

  • 0_1499464086566_sinfully_elegant_profile.jpg
    PRF Sinfully Elegant - American Saddlebred Mare

  • 0_1499466790056_hymn_website.jpg
    PRF Thy Will Be Done - American Saddlebred Mare

    Last one for the night.

  • Those are some gorgeous Saddlebreds! I have to say my favorite is Thy Will Be Done, she has such a unique coat!

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    Our colt from Ace, Gambler's Lucky Gun, has been progressing nicely as he comes of age to begin gentling with some light lunge work. I cannot get over how nicely this big sweet boy has developed and just how much he looks of his sire- one of my favorite studs I absolutely hated to let go of. But now I at least have the opportunity to continue with his line and I couldn't be any more excited!

    alt text
    This week we are also welcoming a new black sabino colt out of WHW Crown Royal, by MAS Set in Bronze. He is one flashy handsome creature and seems to know it! We're expecting great things from this bloodline.

  • @Michelle-Frohman Thank you so much! I love a flashy buckskin, the chrome just makes it pop a little more hehe

  • This foal is to sweet

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    Oh man that foal is beyond adorable :heart_eyes:
    Also you have some seriously gorgeous horses, I really enjoyed going through your album :blush:

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    This is lovely! It's nice to see some different breeds and riding styles portrayed in such a loving manor.

  • Such beautiful horses!

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