Twisted Arrow Stables | Gymkhana Entries & Update 05/24

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  • Well, I'm tired of waiting to finish this so here is one of our many new stallions.

    Introducing CSR Heza Sliding Whiz, a silver buckskin splash Quarter Horse who is currently pending registration. Isn't he just stunning? We hope to compete him in Cutting and Ranch Versatility as soon as his training is complete.
    alt text

  • Very nice horse, he is wonderful and his color is great too.

  • beautiful horse

  • Nice barn, I love the curved fences, and he's a very pretty stallion too :)

  • Today I will be introducing one of the mares I purchased recently. This is CK Ultra Trashy Chic, or, as we call her around here, Sugar! She has taken quite well to her new home and we are looking forward to competing her a few more times before she's retired to brooding. Here she is with our rider Kiera after a successful practice.
    FC Zigga's Trashy Gun Chic

  • ooh so cute mare

  • Gorgeous mare!

  • CSR The Hottest Sensation

    Tuck enjoying the pre-storm weather!

  • Love tuck <3 beautiful markings

  • gorgeous tuvk

  • Our Gypsies imported from Yu-Mi Shimizu! SiLS First Light is on the left and SiLS Tornado Warning on the right.


  • Beautiful Gypsies! It's great to see more of them around :)

  • They look so happy to be on pasture <3

  • Gypsies :heart_eyes: I love them both!

  • @Luna-Andrews Hehe. We are real big about pasture time here. Can't wait to get more pictures, they are really all stunning.

    Thank you guys!

  • IRL Update 5/24/18
    Oh wow, yeah, it's been a while. But I'm back! (And unfortunately without a graphics tablet. :() BUT! I have some exciting news to share. I'm pregnant! Expecting a late November or early December baby. It seems so surreal, but I'm super excited. With that said, I may be in and out on here. We will see. With that said and out of the way, enjoy my gymkhana entries. The former foster kid program is something I've been wanting to introduce for a long time, I just never had the motivation to do so until now. So, without further ado..

    Kaitlyn Lewis and CK Ultra Trashy Chic
    Big T
    alt text

    I hadn't planned to show today. I had planned to bring the kids from our foster care program to show, while I took care of some grown up business. Besides, gymkhana is for kids. But leave it to Ryan to bring the inner kid out of me, huh? I was busy preparing Dalton and Lana for their events. I ran over the course with them again to make sure they had it memorized and checked their tack. "Just remember guys, it's not about winning it's about having fun." The kids were laughing and it took me only a moment to figure out why. There standing behind me was none other than Ryan, being his usual self, mimicking every word coming out of my mouth. "Well, if it's just about having fun why aren't you out there competing with them, huh? Too scared you'll... LOSE?" he laughed. "I'm not scared, I'm just busy." I retorted, though I knew the moment he said it I would have to prove him wrong. I'm not one to back away from a challenge and, please, gymkhana is easy. That's why the kids do it. Or so I thought..

    I decided on Sugar for two reasons. One being she's one of our best lesson horses and two being that she's not very excitable, but has plenty of go in her still. Yeah, not today. My luck. Before we even got to the gate she was tossing her head and ready to go. That's great, except I couldn't get my stirrups on properly. "Please, Sugar. Please just let me get my foot in the stirrup and get through the gate and then go as fast as you want." It's almost as if she could feel my tension. Well, I guess she kind of could. I was shaking, but trying not to let it show. I hadn't done speed events in so long I felt like an amateur. There were 10 year olds out there running the course with more confidence than I could even muster saddling up!

    "Come on, Kaitlyn. Keep it together." And that was it. Sugar took off around the poles, weaving in and out with little to no direction from me. I was still stirrupless and in shock. I finally got it together by the second barrel, just enough time to take it home. We didn't miss a beat! Even without stirrups, I somehow made it through. At the end of the course I couldn't help but give Sugar a hugggeeee hug around the neck.

    alt text

    Dalton Kegarise and CSR The Hottest Sensation
    alt text
    I told the announcer dude several times "My last name is NOT Warren. I go by KEGARISE. See? KEG-A-RICE, like, instead of BEER it's a keg of RICE. Much more fun to say." I still don't know why people refuse to accept that my last name will soon be Kegarise and not this stupid Warren name. The adoption goes through June 30th. A little more than a month away, but hey, what difference does a month make when you're talking about a name? And it's not like I'm a dog. Like, duhh, I'll still know you're talking about me if you call me Dalton Kegarise. Anyway, today is one very special day. It's my first show being part of this program and I can't wait to see how Tuck and I do. Maybe if we do realllyyy good Kaitlyn, the barn manager, will think we are such a good pair she will give him to me! A horse all of my own! Plus, Tucker and I are a really good team. He's really my very best friend in a world of court dates and uncertainty.
    alt text
    I tried to keep what Kaitlyn told me in mind, but it's kind of hard when you have so much to focus on. I decided instead to focus on Tucker and his energy. The first jump was a little scary, but I knew Tucker wasn't going to hurt me. We took our time around the course and maybe went a litttlee too far around the pole.
    alt text
    but it wasn't about winning, just like Kaitlyn told me. It was about me and my best friend, Tuck. Overall, I was happy. Maybe we didn't make the fastest time, but it was nice to get away from all the stuff going on at home. I started to feel a little sad when I thought about home. I wanted to stay with Tucker forever, but I knew even once the day ended I would be back Saturday to see him again.

  • CSR The Hottest Sensation <3

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