Calli's Blog - - 20th January

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    @Neeve-Kalford said in Calli's Blog - - 20th October:

    ROANNNNNNN! * Grabby hands *

    No stealing him :unamused: But you can visit him for snuggles, he likes snuggles <3

    @Annalena-Voigt said in Calli's Blog - - 20th October:

    The pictures you take are soo great! I love the kitchen and baking supply picture, it is so detailed :heart: Also loved the little story, it really adds life to your sims at the barn :two_hearts:

    Thank you! <3 I do tend to go quite decor-mad when I actually get round to building and decorating and I have this new rule that after clogging up my game and wasting quite literally hours downloading stuff, I'm gonna find a use for it somehow xD

    @Keegan-Noble said in Calli's Blog - - 20th October:

    I... will just sit over here and sigh dreamily at your pictures. :heart_eyes: So many little details in the pics and the story. Just super duper lovely. <3 I adore the Fall feeling you get from your pics - makes me want to get out a huge sweater and a cup of tea.

    I support the big jumper and tea idea, that's my own current situation today anyway :laughing:

    @Skye-Valens said in Calli's Blog - - 20th October:

    I really love your story telling and of course your horses are always amazing. I always love reading your newest updates. I can't wait to see where Demet's story takes her she is quickly becoming one of my favorite sims of yours. She is a great character and you really bring her to life.

    Thank you <3 I'm quite happy with Demet and her different personality to Calli, so that's fun to play around with

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    My first update of the year :fireworks: I really wanted to update this last month but somehow, it just never happened. I thoroughly enjoyed doing naff all really, but I did recently manage to finish building enough facilities that I felt somewhat ready to actually take photos and put a use to my many, many sims. I'm definitely feeling the winter blues and spent a good amount of time switching lighting mods, so enjoy the many different looking pictures I finally decided to post...just to prove I'm still enjoying my hoard of pixel pons.

    alt text
    The blanched, bleak sky hung low over the small cluster of old cottages and paddocks; thick white powder covered the earth underneath and snowflakes clung to the cluster of trees. Winter was choking the last remnants of colour and joy, casting a dark gloomy cloud over the residents as the winter moon hung in the sky all day and evening. Benedict had always considered winter as his enemy; frozen fingers, misty breath clouding the crisp air; the eerie quietness and loneliness that it seemed to bring. Of course, he'd spent most of his winters tucked away in the mountains ignoring every living being around him, choosing solitude all year round. This was his first winter in far too long being surrounded by loud Christmas songs being blasted on the radio as Demet attempted to cook breakfast for them; tinsel being hung merrily around the stables until typical Jabari decided to yank down his piece and decorate his straw bedding with it.
    alt text
    "Did you think about it?"
    "Huh? Oh...yeah..."
    "Of course you did." He muttered, shuffling impatiently as he watched for the twelfth time as Demet attempted to re-roll the bandages she'd wriggled off Moose's legs.
    "I don't want to leave," She responded quietly, glowering at the heap of cloth in her hands. He'd first been frustrated by her lack of eye contact, but it was just one of the many, many things he'd eventually accepted about her. "I have Poggle to think about - and Moose too. should go, if you're restless here." Her voice faltered but her head remained looking down.
    "How can I be restless with you around?" He asked seriously, watching with an amused smile as she threw the heap of bandages back onto the floor with a muttered curse. "We'll manage here. I just thought you might enjoy a break; my mountain house isn't that far, really. We can go another time, okay? But for the love of god, get the house key back from my sister. Please!"
    "That's mean! You know Calli likes coming over for breakfast." Demet unhooked the bridle, sending a scowl in Benny's direction. She toyed with the cold leather in her hands, letting her eyes admire the gleam on Moose's dark coat as the brown gelding stared back at them both, looking as thoroughly fed up as Benedict felt.
    "That's all very well, but why is she still there when we go home in the evenings? Why is she rearranging the bookshelves and moving her things into my office?"
    "Please tell me you didn't say she could move in?"


    alt text


    alt text


    alt text


    alt text
    "I hope we get snow."
    "We won't, Mags. It's England. We get rain. Lots and lots of rain."
    Margaux Rathe had turned up on a recent drizzly Thursday evening; the darkening sky and cold mist shrouding the old trailer hitched to her car but they'd all gathered around curiously as she unloaded some chubby black and white thing almost resembling a horse. He had no mane, a bushy tail and was, of course, called Beachball. Just because.
    Margaux had admitted to anyone and everyone that she'd only started riding lessons in spring to try and impress a guy - why else would one start riding? - but she had a sweet childlike personality that saw her attempt many yard tasks, which often created more work for everyone else to fix - but she tried. Nobody really understood the rapidly growing friendship between her and young Ainslie; redheaded Ainslie who spent most of her life charging around on her two young eventing rides, turned her nose up at typical yard chores and should by rights have shares in the local coffee shop for how much she frequented the place.
    "But snow is just so magical," Margaux breathed happily, reaching back to pet Nessie's shoulder. "Maybe we could get Benedict and Rupert to hire a snow machine; the horses would love it!"
    "Ask Calli," Ainslie sipped her coffee, walking alongside as the pair led Nessie across the cobbled yard to the little row of stables. "The boys will never agree to it."


    alt text


    F e a t u r i n g - (In order of appearance)

    • Benedict Rosella, Demet Valentini and the lovely 'Moose' (Clayton L), who was in fact my first horse from the equally lovely @Therese-Lind
    • Benedict Rosella riding Woodford's Voltaire (Grey Dutch Warmblood, a Christmas gift many moons ago from @Anna-Hertler) and Demet again, with Clayton L, again
    • Margaux Rathe, Ainslie Cairstine and Nordique LX
    • Margaux Rathe attempting some sort of riding work with 'Nessie', Nordique LX from one of my favourite people here, the very creative and talented @Ariadne-Waters


    Thanks for reading <3

  • So happy to see an update from you! Love it as always ❤

  • Gorgeous pictures, Callie and a lovely story to match. I've missed your updates :)

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    @Jade-Nguyen said in Calli's Blog - - 3rd January:

    So happy to see an update from you! Love it as always ❤

    Thanks Jade <3

    @Samantha-Jadirea said in Calli's Blog - - 3rd January:

    Gorgeous pictures, Callie and a lovely story to match. I've missed your updates :)

    Thank you! I'm happy to see you around again <3

  • I loved this update Calli! The story telling was lovely... who knows what will happen when Calli finally moves in xD
    I also love the atmosphere in the pics... you've given me the idea to try a new lighting mod to signify our less than delightful British weather - it really shows your beautiful pons off so well! <3

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    @Alex-Richards said in Calli's Blog - - 3rd January:

    I loved this update Calli! The story telling was lovely... who knows what will happen when Calli finally moves in xD
    I also love the atmosphere in the pics... you've given me the idea to try a new lighting mod to signify our less than delightful British weather - it really shows your beautiful pons off so well! <3

    Thank you Alex!
    There's some great lighting mods out there; it's pretty easy to find something to replicate how truly rainy England is :laughing:

  • Ugh. Where is a good place to start? Or, more accurately, the right place to start? For all the places are good- so good that I cannot choose which I care to fixate on the most. :scream:

    ... let's do the old fashioned thing, then, and go from the beginning. You said you enjoy my essays, I think? That's good. Buckle up, sweet pea.

    @Callixta-Rosella said in Calli's Blog - - 3rd January:

    It wasn't lost on him that she was the embodiment of the woman he'd been searching for; winters stowed away in snowy cabins, summers sprawled on the brightest beaches, his footsteps leading him all across the world in search of something - someone. A look, a feeling that would make him matter

    This opening snatched my heart and hasn't let it go. It made me already care about Benedict before I'd even met him yet.
    The second paragraph, about his history as the Rosella's lost-boy brother just... :broken_heart: I think the thing I like about it most is... ack, I don't know how to explain what you've done, but I feel it. Benedict, the boy in the shadows of a take-charge big brother and a demanding (sorry Calli) sister; Benedict, a boy who had the fortitude to leave quietly and simply; Benedict, a boy who was brought undone by 'I miss you.'

    And then this-

    @Callixta-Rosella said in Calli's Blog - - 3rd January:

    He'd fallen in love right there and then... Although the wilderness of the world whispered his name in the bleakest moments when she refused to acknowledge him, he'd betrayed his own promise and stayed right at the farm.

    I will be quite honest: I am not a romantic. But I love the poetry and flow of that bold sentence and it's such a... perfectly lonely way to describe how it feels to lose the love of a loved one. And that last bit at the end- betraying his own promise- along with that line in the next paragraph- being willing to fight his horse :joy: - I do quite enjoy the way you've brought out his quiet stubbornness. There's something wonderfully full circle about it- it's like each Rosella has their own special brand of determination.

      - Ah; I've just scrolled up to reply to a comment you left me and realised I missed one :face_palm: (it was that opening line!! I told you!! SNATCHED. MY. HEART.)

    I'm going to be the oddball who announces their favourite picture, is, in fact, not of some gorgeous horse or splendid yard, but the opening two, especially the second. So evocative of English meadows- I can almost hear the birds and the breeze. :heart: Though I laughed at the line about 'sweltering heat'- a British heatwave is, what, fifteen degrees? :smirk:

    @Callixta-Rosella said in Calli's Blog - - 3rd January:

    [Rupert] was usually... trying to convince his two headstrong sisters why they shouldn't keep taking on stray pets. He hadn't been amused at all to peel back the bed covers to find find a furry four-legged beast with a lopsided wolfish grin and a lovely set of pearly teeth growling at him.

    This also made me laugh, but in a less, ah... in a more genuine way. :innocent: And this-

    @Callixta-Rosella said in Calli's Blog - - 3rd January:

    But for Blanca, this was their own happy little bubble; away from the prying eyes of the grooms, wondering exactly what did Rupert see in her, to the over-friendly nature of Benny and his bear hugs that left her full of hay and an unusual shyness.

      - just overflows with Blanca's sweetness (and intrigue- what does Demet think about these bear hugs, hmm? AND HOW IS THE HAY INVOLVED? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Don't tell me; I might blush)

    I love the idea of a someone (in this case, a horse) being "sprinkled with mischief" and the image of a jolly old vet in red tartan pants (which did not flatter his bulging stomach). :smile: Hot chocolates with cream really are the only way to do them (I heat my cream and pour it over equal parts white and dark chocolate, just for the record) (yes, it's like drinking ganache, but it's SO WORTH IT) so extra points for Blanca there. :fist:

    This little bit made me happy-

    @Callixta-Rosella said in Calli's Blog - - 3rd January:

    I had a bit too much fun writing for Blanca...I realized just how much I miss just taking fun pictures and writing.... I'm definitely more determined to go back to my roots of building useless things and writing rambling things.

     - though, not quite as happy as this bit-

    @Callixta-Rosella said in Calli's Blog - - 3rd January:

    Today's Update Includes;
    ... A Horse (I have no idea)?

    HAH! I wonder what @Anna-Hertler thinks of your inability to identify your horses, hmm? :smirk:

    ... I am somewhat embarrassed by the length this has reached only halfway through gushing about dissecting your updates.
    ... let's push on anyway though, shall we?

    @Callixta-Rosella said in Calli's Blog - - 3rd January:

    Demet was often considered... too weird for her own good... She rushed everywhere, dropped brushes and pieces of tack across the yard and often shouted back when given orders...
    [...] things were either black or white - good or bad, no in-between.

    Hehe! Another characters whose personality you've made alive in a scant few words; I especially love the image of her shouting back at her superiors, and the part about things being black and white to her instantly made me think of Agatha, which was almost instantly followed by the thought that they would probably not get along at all. :laughing:

    @Callixta-Rosella said in Calli's Blog - - 3rd January:

    Suddenly she was promoted to his groom and got to spend hours watching him effortlessly exercise his show-jumping mares.

    HMMM. This is a story in itself, Ms. Rosella. Stories. :spy:

    @Callixta-Rosella said in Calli's Blog - - 3rd January:

    Demet had never truly come out of her shell; her own insecurities kept her hidden away behind her dark hair and locked in her own messy mind that never stopped. But somehow Benedict had managed to invade her space, drag down the barriers she had built to protect her childlike personality until somehow she was willingly reaching out for him and missing him on the days he was gone.
    [...] , she fiercely adored the horse and when Benedict had tactfully suggested letting someone more experienced take over Milo's training, she'd simply ridden off and returned without Milo, refusing to tell anyone where he was.

    I love the picture you've painted of their relationship? Two equally lost and shy and stubborn people, somehow managing to yield when it counts. The part in bold made me laugh, by the way. :rofl:

    @Callixta-Rosella said in Calli's Blog - - 3rd January:

    I'm definitely starting to regret trying to give life and meaning to my's just so much work

    1. ) HOW DARE YOU.
      ... but I love it, and I think you must also love it, even if you don't know it, because it's not possible to create something so careful and rich and full without having some kind of love or passion for what you're doing. :heart:

    (pause now to cringe with me at how long this is going to be :triumph: )

    @Callixta-Rosella said in Calli's Blog - - 3rd January:

    Benedict had always considered winter as his enemy; frozen fingers, misty breath clouding the crisp air; the eerie quietness and loneliness that it seemed to bring.

    Memo to self: don't invite Benedict to Lowmax. Poor guy would lose his mind.
    That aside, I had all these cold and silver feelings reading that opening- in the middle of Australian summer! (y'know, where the heatwaves are 40+ degrees, not 15 :smirk: )- and !!!!! JABARI. Ah, classic Jabari. How happy the image of him trashing the festive decorations makes me. :clap: And what's this discussion about Calli, making herself welcome where it seems she may not be wanted? Hmm... (I have to say, though- I love all these references you make about her activity, without having brought Calli herself into the conversation :joy: )

    I really love the relationship between Margaux and Ainslie and the way you've described them both ("only started riding lessons in spring to try and impress a guy - why else would one start riding?" :laughing: ) but admittedly my brain left it pretty quickly because LOOK IT'S THE LOCH NESS MONSTER I MADE YOU!! Eeeep, how lovely it is to see a bundle of Lowmax terror joy in its new home. <3 You can gush all you like about receiving a horse from me; I am infinitely more smitten at having placed one with you. <3 <3


    @Callixta-Rosella said in Calli's Blog - - 3rd January:

    from one of my favourite people here, the very creative and talented @Ariadne-Waters

    alt text

    Stop it; I will cry.

    So, this is a big garble of text and I realise it might be difficult to get through in one sitting, so here's a summary:

    • I wanted to 'upvote' the 'Benedict Rosella' update several times more than the forum allows
    • There are very few places on this forum where I can read about such well developed, interesting characters, or such flowing. evocative writing; this is one of them, and this is why it is one of my favourite blogs
    • In a similar thought, there are few establishments around that feel so real and rich in reading about that I could believe they existed; Honeybrook is one of them
    • Please delight me with more stories, about anything, at your earliest convenience.

    Well. It is safe to say that I have written more today in this reply than I have in the doc I have set aside for my next update. :laughing: IT WAS WORTH IT. You are fabulous; enjoy my essay; in keeping with my terrible schedule, please mark your calendar in expectation of the next one in about six months from now. :thumbsup:

    Holy hell; get off the stage, Ariadne. :face_palm: :two_hearts:

  • How did i miss the update??!
    All those pictures are breathtaking and i can't pic my favourite. I loved to read the story ❤❤

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    @Ariadne-Waters Trust me, me and Calli has had that conversation a couple of times :unamused:
    Oh my! I haven't seen Voltaire in a long time, I barley remembered him :joy:
    I love your small stories, I can sit here and read them all day <3 over and over again, preferably with a cup of hot chocolate :heart_eyes:

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    @Ariadne-Waters ... I'm quite literally speechless. I do indeed enjoy reading your essays but that...that is a novel, my dear :clap: I thoroughly appreciate your support and fondness for Benedict; he's probably the character that finally got me interested in writing again. I tried to give each Rosella their own unique personality and it only seemed fair one of them was broken in a way. Calli will never fully appear, I try and drag her into fun little stories because I went a long way with her but due to a lazy memory in backing up files and a computer crash a long time ago, she no longer exists :pray:
    Benedict- or any of my sims would never survive in plunging cold temperatures or unbearable heatwaves either. England does just fine with its all-year-round rain and timid heatwaves, but lets give it credit, its probably more like 16 degrees, not a pitiful 15 :p

    @Maria-Jones said in Calli's Blog - - 3rd January:

    How did i miss the update??!
    All those pictures are breathtaking and i can't pic my favourite. I loved to read the story ❤❤

    Because you moved back under the rock? :thinking: I only venture out of there from time to time. Thank you for the lovely comment though! <3

    @Anna-Hertler said in Calli's Blog - - 3rd January:

    @Ariadne-Waters Trust me, me and Calli has had that conversation a couple of times :unamused:
    Oh my! I haven't seen Voltaire in a long time, I barley remembered him :joy:
    I love your small stories, I can sit here and read them all day <3 over and over again, preferably with a cup of hot chocolate :heart_eyes:

    I have a bad memory.
    And too many horses. It's a problem I still haven't solved yet :shrug:
    HAHA! Now who is forgetting horses :open_mouth: Poor Voltaire feels awfully heartbroken and neglected, just so you know.

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    I had all these great plans of carrying on introducing my characters and showing their personalities and horses...but I'm a slacker and got terribly bored. I also had a few game problems by messing with my reshade settings last month whilst I kept switching lighting mods and its taken me forever to get back to settings I can actually stand to look at, but I'm not convinced I like them enough to keep them. But instead, I decided to show off some of the many, many horses I collected recently


    alt text
    RME Sabazios
    'Saber' came from a trade with the lovely @Zinnia-Arvi over the holiday period, he's a young Dutch Warmblood who will start competing soon in eventing and show jumping.


    alt text
    Honeybrook Dolunay
    'Moony' is one of my winter foals, and one of my favourites too. She's a smoky black tobiano out of two of my much older foundation horses. Her name means Full Moon, hence her nickname, and she competes in show jumping.


    alt text
    Highflyer L
    I had this rule that I wasn't going to make or buy anymore horses until at least summer...then I saw this guy up for sale. He's a handsome chestnut Dutch Warmblood bred by @Therese-Lind and despite his bad luck so far in eventing, I couldn't resist adding another chestnut to my hoard :kissing_heart:


    alt text
    Frostfire PL
    Carrying on the chestnut theme, this gorgeous boy was a christmas gift from my dear friend @Skye-Valens. I'm so lucky to have a heap of Arabs and Trakes from her, but I have to admit I'm already very fond of this boy.


    alt text
    Honeybrook Vulcan
    Another chestnut, a fancy shmancy flaxen liver chestnut roan from my recent foal crop. I'm growing very fond of roans at the moment, and I definitely didn't have enough flaxens either. Vulcan's parents are owned by other members so he's got completely fresh bloodlines, and for a while he'll compete in show jumping and eventing but I expect he'll retire from eventing to focus more on jumping when he's older.


    alt text
    Ioulia S
    And another chestnut, don't stop me. 'Ida' came from @Jasmine-Wilkinson's sweet Christmas import service, and is part of my ever-growing Trakehner collection, and will compete in show jumping eventually.


    alt text
    Wolfsbane's Glorious
    I spotted this guy in an auction last month and there was just something adorable about his conformation so I did the only reasonable thing, and bought him. He's a young Trakehner with a great dressage pedigree.


    alt text
    Honeybrook Brambletyde
    Another of my winter foals, 'Bramble' is probably one of my better bred horses with a great pedigree behind him. His sire Brighton was one of my luckiest Oldenburg foals and is now retired, and his dam is a spotty white Trakehner mare still competing. His base coat was made by @Maria-Jones <3


    alt text
    Anzu MV
    Yet another Christmas pixel, and another chestnut :clap: This gorgeous Arabian is from @Keegan-Noble and will compete in eventing with two other of my Arabs. I was so sure when I first started adding them that I'd only get a few....thanks to Skye and Keegan, I have plenty of them now.


    alt text
    Honeybrook Ataraxia
    'Ava' is one of the Trakehners from my foal crop, and after many failed attempts I finally got a grey coat I don't awfully hate. She has completely fresh bloodlines thanks to some BIYs I bought over the winter break, and will compete in eventing and dressage.


    alt text
    Woodford's Willowlily
    And the last horse for today's update is of course another chestnut and another Christmas gift; a young sabino Dutch Warmblood mare from @Anna-Hertler. 'Lily' is one of the many Woodford horses I'm lucky enough to own, and will compete in show jumping when she's older.


    Thanks for reading <3

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    wow, i could sit here all day and look at these beauties! Kudos to you for taking on so many also, i wouldnt cope !!

    i love the depth you've given your game and stories. Love it <3

  • Oh my gosh calli look at all those fancy pons you got yourself!! I love all your horses so much!!! Each and everyone are beautiful in their own right! You are such a hoarder ;) :p If I had to pick a favourite it would have to be either Frostfire, Ioulia or Ataraxia! (Yes I know that's 3 favourites but its sooo hard to decide!) <3

  • Oh, I could stare at them for hours, every single horse is gorgeous :heart:

  • What a horse collection :cold_sweat: I love many of them so it is hard to say which is my favourite!? :cold_sweat: And, oh my. Your barn seems remarkably welcoming and cosy. I am also speechless and maybe a bit jealous for the bloomy and misty landscape wich looks like a quiet paradise :rainbow:

    Callixta, I am telling you, your settings are fine :ok_hand: For that, I thoroughly claim being jealous :100:

  • A gorgeous collection of such colourful beauties! Your horses are one of a kind :heart:

  • Oh man I love them all, and those reshade settings/light mod/whatever looks so good.. that last picture of Willowlil just omg <3 the sky and the lighting with those pinky, yellowy shades with the hint of blue.

  • PR Committee

    I always love coming to your album and seeing what new additions you've acquired. Seems like you had a very fortunate holiday season. I think my favorites out of this post are Vulcan and Frostfire. If you ever part with any PL Trakehners you must hit me up!! :wink:

  • Your horses are gorgeous, but I also love the way your facilities look in the back. Looks super peaceful. :heartpulse:

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