[ENDED] Autumn Woods 2017 Sale

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    Welcome to annual sale held by Autumn Woods. This year we offer five wonderful horses, two stallions and three mares ready to go to loving homes.
    Standard rules apply: do not change the name of the horse, do not distribute the files to others or publicly unless you are reselling them. I'd only like to be notified of their new homes if you decide to sell them. Activity requirements are stated in bios. You're free to adjust shine markings as much as you'd like but do not change general appearance of the coat, in case of missing markings contact me so we can sort it out.
    Sale ends when all horses are sold. I reserve the right to scratch the horse from sale anytime or if I don't find suitable owner.
    To apply, please write in the form at the end of this post what you can offer to the horse you're applying for, why I should choose you. Be honest - it's the most important.
    If something is unclear, if you have questions regarding sale feel free to ask.
    Pictures are unedited, except sharpening and cropping, taken with BrntWaffles' Perfect Day Lighting Mod.


    Cheap Thrills
    thoroughbred stallion
    QMR Little Charmer x BT Stormy Song
    born 09/2016
    Thrills is a fairly young horse who needs patient rider and practice. He still develops, gains experience in show ring but for this moment is proud show hunter and hunter paces Local Champion (27 and 33pts). A little bit timid, very obedient and trustfull partner at the track. The undoubted advantage is smooth movement and beautiful silhouette.
    We prefer show home for him, but picture updates only are fine too.
    Asking price is $7,500


    MG Assassin
    thoroughbred mare
    born 09/2015
    Assassin is equally an eye-catcher and great competitor. This beautiful mare steals attention of audience with her unique bay sabino coat and impeccable conformation. Actively competing in eventing she holds Regional Champion title (68pts) now and is eager to work harder for more. Brave, friendly, will do anything for a carrot but we suggest careful use of whip as it scares her very much. Suitable for both amator and experienced rider. She has one healthy foal on the ground we're going to keep at Autumn Woods.
    Show homes preffered.
    Asking price is $15,000


    Bittersweet Memories AW
    thoroughbred mare
    Ocean Pearl's Benzin x BT Allegra
    born 09/2015
    Sweetie, as we call her doesn't earn her nickname for nothing. Inherited gentle, obedient and friendly to all living creatures character of her dam with recognizable built of her sire. Always tends to please people taking care of her. Definitely talented looking at her pedigree, receives 6 pedigree bonus points in eventing, 5 in show jumping (soon 6) and 2 in dressage. Holds eventing Local Champion (36pts) and dressage Regional Champion (50pts) titles.
    She has been returned to us some time ago and now we're looking for a new active home for her.
    Asking price is $20,000


    Brunetti AW
    thoroughbred stallion
    Ocean Pearl's L.A. Noire x Voodoo Doll SHS
    born 05/2017
    Brunetti is a real gem. This black stallion has a lot to offer to his owner. He is perfectly built for eventing - strong, agile, fast and determined to reach finish line. He is a great dressage prospect too taking into account his pedigree and smooth gates. From his parents he inherited obedient character but be aware he has his moods sometimes. It's a real pleasure to work with him, as he develops a bond with his rider and tends to do everything what is expected from him without hesitation. With such attitude Brunetti has bright future ahead of him. He also is well equipped in bonus points: +10 in eventing and +11 in dressage (maybe more, I'm just too lazy at the moment to track down his gradparents points). Will be delivered to the new owner with main site profile and registration form sent.
    Active show homes only!
    Asking price is $35,000


    Vegra AW
    holsteiner mare
    Top Gun AW x Pisa AW
    born 04/2013
    Vegra is perfect mount for higher level riders who dream about reaching Grand Prix level in show jumping. With this mare we are sure you'll not be disappointed. Vegra comes from very good show jumping line and took all the best from her parents, including willingnes to work. Experience, compact built and nice presence are undoubted advatages. Currently at advanced level she holds State Champion title (104pts). She is full of energy, healthy and ready to compete few years more if cared properly. Has one foal so far, prooved to be a good mother.
    It's up to the new owner whether to keep her competing or use her as a broodmare.
    Asking price is $20,000

  • Are you selling these horses as to be competed with on this site only? I'm not the most active on this forum due to personal reasons but I'm active on the ESRPG, and Equisim Alliance. (I do photobook updates on both of those, plus my stables FB page) :) I am interested in Cheap Thrills.

  • @Jacqueline-Enigma I have nothing against using my horses in other communities. If you want to have fun with them elsewhere feel free to do so :)

  • PR Committee

    I remember when Assassin was up for auction a while back. Expect my application in the near future!

  • @Johanna-Masters I'm happy you're interested. Looking forward for you application :)

  • Oh my goodness ngl Thrills is just so freakin adorable he may or may not have just captured my heart :cupid:

  • @Petra-Wyngaard He is cute, no doubts ;)

  • Is Assassin fully registered? Im absolutely in love with her <3

  • @Addelle-Watson Yes, she is ;)

  • Seeing the amount of applications I've received so far I'm going to be deciding the winners soon, so if you're hesitating get your application in!

  • Just applied for cheap thrills! He is so HANDSOME!!! HE would be amazing with my TB mares!!!

  • Ok guys, here we go...
    First of all I'd like thank you all who applied. I enjoyed very much reading your messages and feel honored so many of you took time to apply in my sale. I got so many wonderful applications, you guys have offerred all I wish for my pons my heart aches I can't give a horse to everyone. Picking owners was really, really hard you must know.

    Time to announce the new owners!
    Cheap Thrills goes to @Leah-Harrington
    MG Assassin will be owned now by @Johanna-Masters
    Brunetti AW will go with @Dimitri-Dane
    Vegra AW goes to @Borja-Domecq
    Bittersweet Memories AW is still looking for a new home!

    If you didn't get a horse this time do not feel discouraged! I highly recommend trying again on my next sale in 2018 or around Christmas ;) Owners, please send the payments and contact me where to send files - transfering all stuff may take me a few days, just saying.

    Congratulations to the winners! Time to party :fireworks:

  • PR Committee

    Sending payment now!

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