FOUND Missing Markings

  • I've had this horse for at least a year now but due to a few computer problems and switching PCs, I've lost a lot of pictures of all my horses, so unfortunately I only have one of him as he should show up.
    But in losing most of my files, of course half of my horses are missing their markings. Its no problem for the horses I made myself, I can just replace whatever is missing but this boy was made by someone else. I've tried the dapples and a roan marking from Old Fellow Ranch and some full-body markings from SLS too, but does anyone know which markings he is missing?

    What he looks like in my game now;
    alt text

    alt text

    And this is what he should look like;
    alt text

    I could be wrong but I think he was created about 2-3 years ago, so the marking(s) he is missing is probably an older one.

    Thanks for any help! <3

  • Thanks to @Breanna-Fahnestock and @Fiora-Healy I found the missing markings, this can be closed now :)

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