[WANTED] Titled German Riding Ponies for Breeding :)

  • Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone has any German Riding Ponies that they would be willing to let me breed with. Really wanting to expand the blood lines in my ponies. Predominantly looking for dressage but wouldn't mind breeding a pony jumper if you have a mare and stallion both titled i could use. Thanks in advance! xx

  • I have a few GRPs out on breeding :)

    WSP Tiamat (stallion) and WSP Karisha (mare) are both competing in Pony Show Jumping. Both hold PSJ State Champion titles, and both are second/third gen ponies. In Pony Show Jumping I also have a British Riding Pony mare (can be bred with GRPs), PCRA Ciara. She's a foundation pony, but she holds PSJ International Champion title.

    I also have a stallion pony in Dressage, PCRA Xavery. He holds a Local Champion title, and he's a foundation pony.

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