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    Yes, I managed to move this thread, but only with help from @Elsie-Spectre. Thank you so much again!

    ANNOUNCEMENT (7/3/15)

    It was around this time last year I announced I was officially retiring from CC. Like other creators, it has gotten obnoxious to see my stuff and parts of my stuff used by others who have never approached me. In full disclosure, it annoys me more that I seem more unapproachable (is my interpretation) than other creators not that the meshes are being used. Regardless, I want to do something that will set my mind at ease. I want to officially announce this: it is perfectly okay for anyone to use my meshes without asking me as long as you give credit to me and keep the resulting work free and easy to download (this means no pay, not locked behind a hard to access forum, and absolutely not to be "unlocked" with likes; if you use my stuff to make CC, use it as the free incentive to gain more followers if you want to keep your "like" system but truly this practice annoys me to no end and please, please, do not use my work to do it--it would really undermine my generosity, imo). If the community can benefit from my meshes, please do it. Retexture them. Remap them. Cut them up and make something else with the parts. Have at it. I really don't want to think about making CC anymore so if my meshes can help someone else give more CC to the community, that would make me happiest in all honesty.

    Previous Announcements

    ** ANNOUNCEMENT (February 2014):** I'm retiring from CC creation. I really don't want a discussion on this. It's not because I feel unappreciated (I don't). It's not because I want more attention (I don't). I thought long about this and finally came to make the decision official.

    Info about the Shop.

    I've made a lot of things. Lots of various things. The only thing I don't really make is real estate/worlds. I dislike building.

    Terms of Use

    I don't really have specific terms of use. You're either going to be respectful of me, not use my meshes as a base for anything else, ask me permission to recolor/alter something before doing it yourself, credit me, not claim it as your own, link back to me, etc...or you're not and nothing I say will stop you. So please don't be disrespectful. It's really not cool and drives creators like myself to stop making content for our communities.

    A big thanks to everyone who has helped me in the past on various pieces. Christina for use of her meshes, allowing me to help with official Equus content, and all the other amazing things about her (Ribbon mesh, Blanket mesh, 3D polo wraps, Nameplate halter). Elin for her help with fixing texture maps, making my bridles 4-channels, and her patience with my stupid questions that could easily be answered if I just read tutorials (Hunter jumps, Dressage Bridle, Pelham Bridle). Tanja (Dana/Lakeside) for her amazing texturing ability and help when I've lost patience with a project (Hunter Tail, Hoof Feathering). Cmar with more of my stupid questions but the patience of a saint and whose tool kit I'd be lost without. Jenny for her texturing after I was too bored to finish a project (Number Tags). And anyone else who may have helped me including the communities of both Mod the Sims and The Sims Resource for their tutorials and software.


  • Breed Templates

    Name Info Images
    American Saddlebred 1 Download
    American Saddlebred 2 Download
    National Show Horse 1 Download
    National Show Horse 2 Download
    Missouri Fox Trotter Download
    Orlov Trotter Download
    Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Download
    Wielkopolski Download
    Oldenburg Download
    Trakehner Download
    Knabstrupper Download
    Generic Warmblood Download
    Sindhi Download -- feel free to use for a Marwari or make slight adjustments to a Kathiawari or Baluchi as well. Horse comes with an EA coat, not the one pictured.
    Irish Draught Download - made this to breed Georgian Grandes so I made it to resemble the thicker, more draft-like version of the breed. The nose is probably too big. I don't claim that it will be acceptable for registry since I haven't tried to register a horse with it.
    Georgian Grande Download - (Friesian type) - made to resemble the type of Georgian Grande that is American Saddlebred crossed with Freisian.
    Thoroughbred Download - Please note this horse is was made based on an OTTB I trained irl so it is built fairly slim.
    Appendix Quarter Horse Download
    Neck Horse Download - I have no knowledge of Baroque breeds. I was just fiddling around in CAS one day and made the neck on this horse. I have no idea what breed it is or could be. I tried to make it look like an Andalusian, but I gave up. I just figured some people have a hard time with necks so the individual can change the body and head shape to be what they want. It looks a bit weird in CAS but I included photos of it in dressage poses so you can see how it works in game.

  • Fantasy Sets

    Name Info Image
    Water Horse - Fish Type Download - Foal set included FishHorseAdult FishHorseFoal
    Water Horse - Mammalian Type Download - Foal set included watermammaladult watermammalfoal
    Bone Horse Download - no foal set BoneHorse1 BoneHorse2
    Pegasus Set Download-Package Download-Sims3Pack Comes with foal and adult each in two variations: normal, peacock. NormalAdult peacockAdult NormalFoal FoalPeacock

  • Farm Sets

    Name Info Image
    Split hooves Download-Adult Download-Foal Assigned to hoof hair section of CAP splithooves
    Cow Set Download CowSet
    Long Horn Cow Set Download LongHornCow
    Goat Set 1 Download GoatSet1
    Goat Set 2 Download GoatSet2
    Deer Set Download DeerSet
    Reindeer Set Download - includes four files. One of a smaller antler plus split hooves, this without split hooves, one of larger antlers plus split hooves, and this without split hooves. All things are assigned as hoof hair. I do not currently have these assigned as accessory, but will consider if it is wanted. A big thank you to Elsie Spectre who redid their mask for me and let me borrow her deer template to use in the previews. For the ones without hooves included, one channel will do nothing to the color. You will have to use the hoof size slider if you are wanting an effect similar to the images below. Deer DeerLarge
    Teeth Needle-Like: As accessory - As Bridle Fangs: As accessory - As Bridle
    Horns Dual Horns: As accessory - As Bridle Cow-like Horns: As accessory - As Bridle Antlers: As accessory - As Bridle Long Single Horn: As accessory - As Bridle Double-Twisted Horn: As accessory - As Bridle Triple Horns and Tusks: As accessory - As Bridle

  • Jumps & Objects

    Name Info Image
    DIY Set 0 Download - Deconstructed EA Oxer. 8 Items
    DIY Set 1 Download - Standards
    DIY Set 2 Download - Poles and Planks
    DIY Set 3 Download - Underneath Accents, 30+ items
    Flower Boxes Download
    Jump Gates Download
    New Poles and OMSP enabled items Download
    Show Hunter Course Material Download
    Trail Set Download
    Dressage Lawn Tags Download
    Half-Mirrors Download
    Decor Ribbons Download - original mesh by Christina of Equus-Sims
    Rope Stall Gate Download
    Old Jump Sets Advanced Jump Set - Intermediate Jump Set - Novice Jump Set - Hunter Jump Set
    Cavaletti Overhaul Download - Set of 8 jumps
    Cavaletti Overhaul Download set of four jump trainers - Download X-Shape - Download low - Download Invisible
    2012 Olympic XC Starting Fence Download
    Virtually Invisible Jump Download

  • Manes

    Name Info Image
    Foal Braided Manes Download zip containing 3 variations FoalMane1 FoalMane2 FoalMane3
    Half-Braided Mane Download - with Forelock - Download - no Forelock HalfBraidMane
    No Mane Download Adult - Download Foal img
    Shaved Mane Download V1 - Download V2 V1: top picture. C2: bottom picture. img img
    Long One-Sided Mane Download img
    Really Long Mane Download img
    Running Braid Download Short - Download Long img img
    Zebra Mane EA Recolour. Download img
    Banded Dressage Mane Download img
    Braided Upright Mane (Draft Type) Download img
    Saddleseat Mane Download img
    Hunter Button Braids Download V1 - Download V2 img img
    Cinch Braids Download V1 - Download V2 V1: top picture. C2: bottom picture. img img
    Arabian Mane Download V1 - Download V2 V1: top picture. C2: bottom picture. img img


    Name Info Image
    Half-Shaved Tail Download Please note: I used the tail length slider (fix found in the Sliders section of this post) to get the shorter length seen in the image. It is cloned from my hunter tail and has all the minor issues that tail has. HalfShavedTail
    Hunter Tail Download img
    Long Tail with Wrap Download img
    No-Shine Foal Tails Download No shine tail fixes for Choppy Foal Tail, Long Foal Tail, Medium Foal Tail, Unicorn Foal Tail, Adult Unicorn Tail img
    Long Thick Tail Download img

    Hoof Feathers

    Name Info Image
    Extra Fluffy Feathers Download two versions, one with EA channels and one with one channel per leg, credit to Dana Johnson. img

  • Markings, Sliders, Poses

    Name Info Image
    Sooty Markings Set Download
    Exotic Ear Curvature Slider Download
    Tail Length Slider Download - Fixed version of Kyra v Zeeland's Tail Length Slider. No more big foal heads.
    Jumping Pose Pack Download - Poselisted
    Saddlebred Pose Pack Download - Poselisted
    Exotic Pose Pack Download - set of 10. Poselisted
    Missouri Fox Trotter Pose Pack Download - set of 9. Unlisted, zip file contains a note file with codes

  • Tack


    New Mesh Style

    Name Info Image
    Sale Bridle Download SaleBridle
    Padded Cavesson Bridle Download without flash - Download with flash
    Jumper Bridle with Deep V Browband Download
    Gaited Bridles Download V1 - Download v2 - Download v3 - Download v4 Photos in order: Gaited Bridle v1, Gaited Bridle v2 (TWH), Gaited Bridle v3 (MFT), Gaited Bridle v4 (ASB)
    Thick Curved Browband Download
    Subtle V Browband Download
    Thin Curved Browband Download
    Split Curved Browband Download
    Rolled Leather Download
    Deep V Browband with Studs Download
    Thin D-ring Bridle Download

    Standard English Bridles

    Name Info Image
    Loose Ring Snaffle Bridle Download with flash - Download without flash
    Full Cheek Snaffle Bridle with Bit Keepers Download
    French Mouth Eggbutt Bridle Download
    English D-ring Bridle Download
    Elevator Snaffle Bridle Download with flash - Download without flash

    Double Reined / Double Bitted Bridles

    Name Info Image
    Tomb Thumb Pelham Bridle Download
    Dressage Bridle Download
    Double Reined Bridle Download with reins - Download no reins - Download with flash & reins - Download with flash no reins img

    Other Specialty Bridles

    Name Info Image
    Figure Eight Bridle with D-bit Download
    Figure Eight Bridle with Full Cheek bit Download
    Gag-Bit Snaffle Bridle Download
    Deluxe Racing Bridle Download
    Figure Eight Bridle with Elevator Bit Download reinless only
    Driving Bridle Download reinless only
    Convertible Bridle Download reinless only
    Drop Noseband Bridle Download reinless only

    Traditional Bridles

    Name Info Image
    Akhal-Teke Bridles Download reinless only
    Native American Bridle [Download](]Native American Bridle) reinless only

    Western / Simple Bridles

    Currently these bridles lack a true bit, meaning they do not have a bit that goes through the mouth as I made them before I started doing that.

    Name Info Image
    Invisible Bridle Download n/a
    Loose Ring without Noseband Download
    O-ring Bridle Download none
    Western Shank Bridle Download plain - Download decorated none
    Reinless versions: O-ring, Western Shank Download none
    Western Curb Bit Download


    Name Info Image
    Basic Halter Download plain - Download decorated none
    Arabian Halter Download plain - Download decorated none
    Akhal-Teke Halters Download Adult - Download Foal
    Gaited Halter Download - Download with chain img

    Breast Collars / Martingales / Harnesses

    Name Info Image
    Jumper Breast Collar Download
    Running Martingale Download
    Standing Martingale Download
    Stitched Breast Collar Western type / EA recolour. Download plain - Download fancy none
    Driving Harness Appears in saddle section Download
    Surcingle Appears in saddle section Download

    Leg Protection

    Name Info Image
    Leg Wraps 2D item Download
    Bell Boots Download front only - Download all four
    Horse Shoes The hoof hair versions can be found in the Feathering section of CAP. When using these please choose a hair colour. The shoes will not recolour but this will prevent them turning back into hoof hair when you leave CAP. Download back only (accessory&hoof) - Download front only accessory - Download front only hoof hair - Download set 4 accessory - Download set 4 hoof hair img img
    Improved Bell Boots Download
    Sport Medicine Boots Four files: set of four, front only, set of four with bell boots, front only with bell boots. Download Download hind legs only img

    Bridle Accessories

    Name Info Image
    Ribbon for Bridle Original mesh by Christina of Equus Sims. Download
    Number Tag Download
    Bit Guards Download
    V-browband Download
    Halloween Spider BRowband Download
    Stud Chains for Lakeside Halter Download img img

    Other Accessories

    Name Info Image
    Thin Neck Collar Download
    Beaded Neck Collar Download - 4 files. Includes one that is all three combined (seen in image) and then each individually. They are also very sensitive to neck sliders and poses that alter the neck a lot. BeadedNeckCollar
    Foal Turnout Blanket Original mesh by Christina of Equus Sims. Download
    Tail Warning Ribbons Three variations to fit different tails Download
    Vaulting Saddle Download Mesh by Facha. Due to mapping issues, inadvisable to use in anything but dark colours. Two versions of different sizes for different size horses. img

    Sim Accessories

    Name Info Image
    Child Riding Helmet Download available in hairstyles/hats; available for male and female :D img

    Tack Sets

    Name Info Image
    Lunging Set Download Contains: Halter, Lunge Whip (sim accessory), Side Reins (some issues with poses) img img img img
    Tent Pegging Set Download Contains: Quintain, Ring Target, Ground Targets, Lance, Lance with Target. imgimgimgimgimg
    Indian Tent Pegging Decorative Tack Set Download main set Contains: Breast collar, Breast collar v2, Breast collar as martingale, Hind Collar. Download Leg Bracelets imgimgimgimgimg

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