Knabstrupper out-crosses - KWPN and Swedish Warmblood.

  • Okay, so im not very good at the whole equus master breeds thing outside of the classical warmblood breeds, so forgive me if this request is ridiculous! I was just hoping to get KWPN and/or Swedish Warmblood added to the accepted outcrosses of the Knabstrupper and Knabstrupper Sport horse. Ive found that the american association accepts these as outcrosses.

    Taken from the American Knabstrupper Association


    · A warmblood registry that is a part of the European Union or the American affiliate of that registry. These registries include but are not limited to the Hanoverian, Oldenburg, Dutch, Swedish, Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar, and Holsteiner registries,
    · International Sporthorse Registry/Oldenburg North America;
    · Thoroughbred registered with the Jockey Club of its country of origin;
    · Purebred Arabian registered with the Arabian Horse Registry or official Arabian registry of its country of origin;
    · Trakhener;
    · Frederiksborger;
    · Danish Oldenborg;
    · Danish Warmblood;
    · Akhal-Teke;
    · Appaloosa (mares only) of suitable sporthorse type

    Please let me know if i need more evidence :)

  • PR Committee

    Found another source with the same outcrosses here! (The outcrosses begin on page 6) This is the South African registry information so I don't know how valid it would be, but it lists many of the same breeds the American registry does! This also adds Shagya and Anglo Arabs. :D

    For the Knabstrupper horse the accepted outcross list includes:

    • Warmblood that has been approved by SAWS with acceptable parentage
    • Frederiksborg Hesteavlsforeningen (Fredriksborger)
    • Dansk Oldenborg Avl (Danish Oldenborg)
    • Trakehner Avlsforbundet i Danmark (Trakehner)
    • Dansk Selskab for Arabisk Hesteavl (Shagya, Arab and Angloarab)
    • Dansk Varmblod (Danish Warmblood)
    • Grænseegnens Holstener Hesteavlsforening (Holsteiner)
    • Thoroughbred XX (approved with South African Warmblood society, Danish Warmblood, Trakehner or
      Arab Societies)

  • We already accept Trakehner, Frederiksborger, Shagya Arab, Arab, Anglo-Arab, Danish Warmblood, Oldenburg, Holstener (and pure TBs that are registered as any of the above).

    Do you think you could find out if there have ever been any outcrosses to any of those other WB breeds you mention? Just a couple of examples of main book sporthorse Knabs that have other breed parents. And also check for me whether these outcrosses can be stallions or only mares - though this won't change what we do here as we don't enforce this type of rule.

    At the moment I'm leaning towards permitting all WBFSH members as outcrosses since the spirit of all the Knab registries and the KNN particularly is just that outcrosses have to be to sporthorses and not just random spotted animals.

  • I might know of an example!
    Ironically, his name is Skip The Rules M. His mother, Evita, is a KWPN TP imported from the Netherlands to Sweden. He at least has a Knabstrupper registry number, but I was unable to figure out if he is in the core studbook or the appendix.
    Skip The Rules M:
    Sartors Scipio:

  • it says here that outcrosses can be stallions or mares.

    American Knabstrupper association

    'I have a registered Knabstrupper mare that has been inspected and approved for breeding. Must I breed her to a Knabstrupper stallion in order to register the foal?'
    No. A registered and approved Knabstrupper mare can be bred to either an approved Knabstrupper stallion or to a stallion registered and approved with an acceptable "outcross" registry. Acceptable outcross registries are listed in the Breeding Rules.

  • Approved :)

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