Andalusian mare

  • Hello! I'm interested in to buy a PRE mare. The idea is to compete with this mare until she get enough points and can breeding she with my best stallion, Lebrijano de Urquijo (+22).

    What I am looking for:

    • Mare
    • 2nd/3rd generation
    • I prefer bay, but it isn't important, all coats are fine
    • I would like her ancestry not to be RDEC, since I have several horses from that stable
    • Pedigree Bonus Points at least +6 in dressage

  • I would say I'd breed you one but none of mine have a bonus in Dressage yet.

  • I could breed you one out of my best horses but she wouldn't reach +6 in dressage yet, she would get +4/+5

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