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    This thread is all of our available studs and broodmares, offered by our two stables. We have some regulations for our horses to make sure they don't become overbred, which you can see below:


    We offer traditional breedings only, meaning you send us the mare and we breed the foal ourselves. Each stud is only allowed a few slots and are up for stud every other month, you can book a breeding with your mare ahead of time. Stud fee is based on their generation and the amount of bonuses they give, which is calculated using my sheet. The stud fee will be listed in the stallion's info.


    We also offer mares up for traditional breedings. Each mare is only bred once every equus year (4 months). Mares can also be booked ahead of time for the next month they're available. Mares only have one traditional breeding slot. Our mares can be paired with one of our stallions or an outside stallion is allowed, the resulting fee will be the stallion's fee + the mare's fee.


    Fees are expected to be paid upfront.
    Applicants may not be inbred in way or form - check you mares pedigree, for those double names.
    The mare does not have to be "pure" or be the same breed.
    Barn name is up to you. The show name must stay the same.
    The only thing you can change on your new filly/colt is the length of mane and tail and you can change the tack - like a real horse. NO other changes must be made.
    Do not put the foal up for download!!
    If you plan on selling the foal, contact us first in case we want it back!
    Specific colors/genders can be chosen or randomly generated.
    Offspring can not be bred until they have 25-50pts to ensure they are not only used for breeding machines. Write "dawn" in contact form.
    All foals must carry my prefix (Hunting's) to show that they are bred by me.

  • Application

    Disclaimer: All horses will come with a mainsite, I will throw in registration pictures for an extra $500 if requested.


    Stallion You Are Interested In:
    Mare's Info:
    Profile Link:
    Plans for Foal:
    Please PM me on the forum with the app

  • Hunting Dawn Stables Studs & Mares
    Name Breed Discipline(s) Points Title Price Slots Image
    RWH Star Spangled Wrangler APH Reining & Cutting 94 & 57 Regional $16,000 2/2 XX
    RWH Lil' Hell Raiser APH Reining & Ranch Versatility 49 & 94 Local & Regional $16,000 2/2 XX
    EIS Buckin' Rodeo APH Reining & Cutting 73 & 60 Regional $16,000 2/2 XX
    RL Rebel Pride APH Reining & Barrels 73 & 63 Regional $16,000 2/2 XX

    More studs coming soon!

    Broodmares coming soon!

  • Dawn Acres Studs & Mares
    Name Breed Discipline(s) Points Title Price Slots Image
    Hubrecht Thoroughbred Flat Racing & Field Hunter Trials 122 & 18 State Flat Racing $12,000 3/3 XX
    Name Breed Discipline(s) Points Title Price Slots Image
    Weeping Angel Thoroughbred Flat Racing & Field Hunter Trials 115 & 19 State Flat Racing $11,000 1/1 XX

    More to be added!

  • added some studs to the Hunting Dawn Stables section.

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