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    Welcome to Silver Lining Stables and Umagoya [Kibou no Hikari]'s Import and new member starter pack program!

    Important Notice:
    For all purchases, payment must be sent first before work will begin. However, payment will not be accepted until after work is completed. In the event I am unable to complete the work, the payment will be accepted then refunded to the consumer.

    New Member Starter Pack Program

    Hi Welcome to the New Member Program. This Program is done in Partnership with @Andrea-Burdine to provide Free and Cheap Gypsy Vanner Imports to all New Members! All the Pack below come with 3 horses, 1 Stallion, and 2 mares. They can be adjusted as well and the price will be adjusted if the number of horses is changed in an order. The pack does not come with main site, part of the requirements is that you must have your own credits to be able to get your starter pack.
    These Packs Follow most basic Equus rules: There is a link to my rules here. However Remember that if you have Andrea Burdine make your starter pack or Import, you are subject to their rules and price adjustments. You can find her Import page here. Always check with them first to see if their service is open before trying to do the New Member service with them.

    Update 7/13/2017: New member program applicants can choose a pack if they meet at least two of these requirements.

    Update 7/18/2017: New Members that gain some fortune before their packs are completed are still entitled to their packs as they applied before the date they gained money.
    New Members can also still qaulify for the program if they are over the ammount of horses on the condition that the ammount they are over is mostly horses that they had made themselves. (in otherwords if the ammount of horses by other users is less than ammount allowed they qaulify for the program)

    New Members may also apply for any pack they want on the condition they still meet two of the requirments, and not neccisary the time as a member constraints. but are still responsible for the ability to pay the reduced price sum.

    Gypsy Vanner Packs

    Tier Number Ezamples Free or Reduced Price Requirments Import Price Form Link
    Tier 1 is Basic Pack: Bay, Black, Or Chestnut. Solid, Tobiano, or Sabino image Must be a Member for 6 Months or Less and Have Less Than 25k and have Less than 10 Horses: Limited to 1 per Member Requirements Met: free Repeat Order: $8,000 Basic Member $10,000 Link
    Tier 2: Bay, Black, Chesnut, with 1 Common Dilute: Solid, Tobiano, or Sabino image Member more than 6 Months but less than a Year: Have less than 35k and less than 20 Horses Requirments Met: $5,000 Basic Member: $10,000 Link
    Tier 3: Basic Common Dilute Pack: Solid, Tobiano, or Sabino image Member for at least a year no more then two years: Less than $45,000 Requirments Met: $8,000 Basic Member: $10,000 Link
    Tier 4: Rare Dilutes: Homo Silver, Double Cream, Dun, and Pearl: Solid, Tobiano, or Sabino image Member for at least a year no more then two years Requirments Met: $10,000 Basic Member: $12,000 Link
    Tier 5: All Complicated White Patterns, Grey, and Sooty: Including Dominate White, White spotting, Spotted Vanners (Appaloosa) , Roans, Mazimum Sabinos. image All Requirments Dropped $12,000 Link

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    I'm still getting things set up on my end but I am very much available for orders! If you need examples before I get them posted, just send me a message.

  • PR Committee

    Most Recent Imports completed:


    This Import was for Samantha Jadirea. This Import was Tier 5 for $12,000.

    From Left to Right: Stallion, Sooty Chestnut Blanket Spotted Gypsy Vanner; Mare, Bay Snowcap Spotted Gypsy Vanner; Mare, Black Varnish Roan Spotted Gypsy Vanner

  • PR Committee

    Gypsy Vanner Templates


    I switch between several templates, I've select 4 of the most common I use, but I tweak every one of them and never stick to this exact template. My Vanners are much chunkier and larger than most templates for Vanners that are made, and as such, so will these be. I encourage you to tweak to your preference and hope to see a lot more Vanners running around. If any of you encounter registration problems using these templates conformation wise, please inform me so that I can make adjustments and update the templates. However, I've never encountered trouble with any of my own Vanners.

    I'm sorry, my templates are currently unavailable until further notice.

    Template Name Template Image Download Link
    Red Vanner Template image [Download]
    Yellow Vanner Template image [Download]
    Green Vanner Template image [Download])
    Blue Vanner Template image [Download]

  • I love the idea of a new member starter pack. :ok_hand:

  • I love my new Vanners <3 Thank you Yu-Mi!

    The templates look great too. Thank you for making them available to us :)

  • I love the Gypsy Vanner horses and your starter herds are a great idea. I may add a Vanner to my stable. Thank you for the Vanner templates, I think your horses are wonderful. :D

  • PR Committee

    Thank you everyone. I am hoping with these templates it will mean there will be an increase in Vanners. My current goal is to see some Vanners with pedigree. Points aren't as much an issue. But pedigree would be nice!

  • @Yu-Mi-Shimizu Thank for them templates I used green one and made it a mare, the coat color I did was a liver chestnut with the flaxen mane and tail with one white stocking. I know that Vanners can come in many colors - they are mix type breed after all, but I am not sure if there is a live Vanner horse with this color type, I need to read the standard. I need to work on her until I think she is good but she looks very good to me though I think she could be better, I am very hard on my own work so I work on some thing until it is perfect lol.

  • PR Committee

    @Katharina-Opalhaven They are possible. while i know of none Liver Chestnut's off hand there are plenty of chestnut flaxen gypsies

    Meet Allana a Chestnut flaxen Vanner http://www.gypsymvp.com/horses/allana/allana.html

    if you have more questions please message me privately or on slack.

  • @Yu-Mi-Shimizu Beautiful, I know that web site well :D

  • PR Committee

    Hey guys! I've been thinking about including a credit system with the program. This way if you don't have the credits for the horses you can still get them.

    the two versions that were thought of (with some suggestion from Slack and Elsie)

    Donate Credits: This would only apply to new members, I post a list of the credits needed and other players who feel generous, could donate the credit for the new member. to help separate the credit from others they can title it "New Member Credit for" with their prefix and the name of the new member.

    Buy Credits: the other idea is that you can pay me the cost of a credit, so 2k, per horse, so that I can buy new credits to replace what I've lost. So if you go for the tier 1 pack, you won't be able to get the free price if you choose to get credits, it will end up being 6k for the three horses if you choose three.

  • That sounds like a good Idea. :D

  • PR Committee

    Clydesdale Template

    New Template. Clydesdales! Something of the drafts we have been needing for awhile as well. I think there is some out there. but now there is one of mine! Modeled by my new Clydesdale Ryoko. You can download it below. Remember as always I encourage you to make tweaks and adujustments to your own prefrences of the breeds. This Clydesdale comes as a all pink hunk of love. I hope to see more of them running around with this. the image below includes all the different poses. CAP, Dressage Free Walk,Heavy Pull Pose, Show Jumping Novie. Unposed. I tried to give all of you a good idea of what it will look like. Know that the Dressage poses I used are the ones for Broque horses. it works better with the drafts because of the silders I use.

  • Thank you, it's beautiful :)

  • Really pretty templeate :D Thanks a lot Yu-Mi!

  • PR Committee

    New Marking!

    So we all know there is a lot of custom content out there for horses and even dogs (there is content to make them look like sheep after all). Well I've set out to make a change and start making some content for the other animal in the sims that is taken for granted. Cats guys! cats! so I'm putting out my first marking for them. so far it's only one but others will come in time.


    A nose detail marking. most of the cats in the game look like they have a pretty flat nose. But they don't actually have flat nose, there's a little texture there and now you can add it to your cats. This marking will also allow you to change the nose to any color you want. even neon blue.

    I will be releasing more as I feel up to it. including the PSD. file (eventually) for this nose so that you will be able to edit it to make it bi colored for calicos and stuff. It's important to know that any markings you make for cats the nose can be covered up. so I'm hoping this nose will help with that.

  • PR Committee

    Two More markings are now available for cats! Inside ear recolor and Ear Detail Marking! There is always a chance I might improve them. but for now, they work pretty awesome. can't wait to see cats from you guys! they are both located under head markings.

  • These look awesome! Thank you for sharing! :smiley:

  • PR Committee

    More Markings! Tabby Shader and Tabby Texture!


    So some tips about these markings. I've discovered something rather annoying about the cats. It appears they render (or whatever word you want to use) markings differently than the other two animals. especially the horse. I noticed while trying to make a black cat, that my ear recolor marking does not completely change the ear color. you have to fiddle with it and shades in the opposite directions to actually get the color you want. It will not change to pure anything except red. Black turns some sort of red color and white stays pinkish. If anything...it shades how light or dark the ear is.

    The Ear detail marking will not show on a dark ear, even at pure black. it has to be a bright color. but it will show fine on a light ear as black.

    The Nose detail Marking, I've noticed the old nose is still showing through so I have to make some tweaks. it's difficult because the base I make the nose on doesn't mark the nose. so expect frequent adjustments.

    The New markings:


    Here we have Tabby Texture and Tabby Shader. There are two versions for Tabby Shader-- One Channel and Two Channel.

    Important to know, that Tabby Texture is a finicky marking and consider it a trail or beta marking as I try to figure out better ways of rendering the tabbies coat with its agouti hairs all over the place. It shows best at 50% or lower opacity. (which annoys me but I'm trying to figure it out) it's a 4 channel marking.

    In the Meantime Please enjoy!

  • Yay kitty love. These look great! Thank you!

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