My horses are unregistered?

  • I'm unsure of who to turn to to answer this for me so I'm going to post it here. Recently I tried to register some of my horses and in the spreadsheet it told me I needed to make changes to some of them, so I did. I made the changes and submitted a registration edit request and checked it every so often to see if my horses had been approved. The three horses below are now approved:

    alt text

    However, when I look on their disciplines on the leaderboard I can't find them and it also says they're unregistered on the horse look-up so I'm extremely confused. I want to try resolve it ASAP so I can start entering them into some of the shows but I'm not sure where to go from here. Can anyone help me? :slight_smile:

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    Confusingly, the Y on that sheet (the registration edit raw list) only means that your horse's registration submission has been changed to match the edit you sent in.
    It doesn't mean that the registrar has checked the changes, or approved your horse for registration. Hopefully it won't be too long before they get checked over and registered!

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    They are still pending for registration because all three of the horses still need updates to their genotypes. And PHF Poppy Fox have the wrong owner listed on the registration sheet.

  • @Nea-Sterling I've done an edit request so they're not anymore.

  • @Effie-Phoenix said in My horses are unregistered?:

    @Nea-Sterling I've done an edit request so they're not anymore.

    I think anyway? I'll have a look.

  • @Nea-Sterling Sorry you're correct and I understand now so thank you :D I've made all the changes.

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