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    About Opening Times
    The Eastbourgh tackshop is situated on the grounds of the eastbourgh stud, we cater for a range of equestrian needs stocking things suck as Clothing, Horse and dog Feed and Bedding, Tack, grooming essentials, horse care essentials, helmets and safety ware as well as stocking new and second hand saddles. We have a qualified saddle fitter (Angie Newbridge) on site and take bookings for you to bring your horse to us to have a saddle fitted. Monday-9am - 5pm Tuesday - 9am - 5pm Wednesday - CLOSED Thursday - 8am - 4pm Friday - 9am - 5pm Saturday- 8am - 5pm Sunday - CLOSED
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    Poly Pad

    About CC Jargon
    The poly Pad is an essential to any Equestrian's tack room. This multi use pad provides more protection and padding than a regular numnah making it perfect for sensitive horses, youngsters, veterans or to help pad out a slightly wide saddle. This pad fits most regular sized saddles and can also be used under rollers for lunging. Avaliable in a range of colors, Normal terms of use apply, Don't claim as your own, don't mass upload ect. You can add logos ect for personal use but please notify me of anything for public upload. This is a 2048x2048 and is quite detailed, you can see the stiching ect (on high settings i haven't yet seen it on lower settings) Colours may show up slightly darker but all you have to do is lighten them.

    Prices From £24.99

    note: Prices are fictional, all CC is free. The link will take you to a download Page.

    I've been wanting polypads for my horses for yonks (because not everyone can afford to use their eskadron ones for schooling :laughing: ) but I'm just utterly crap at anything saddlepad, so thank you so much! I'll be using this a lot.

  • I love your photos and thank you for the CC :D

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