(Done)Brand please

  • Hello I was wondering if any could make this brand for me? I can pay if you want. Kat

  • The breed brand already excists however because RKO is a lisenced brand as well as the one you have overlaid on top is one of the trademarked products it will be harder to find someone to make a brand for it as it breeches copyright laws. It might be best to ask for someone to help create one from scratch to avoid this.

  • Thank you - The brand is a Trakehner brand and the RKO - Robert(my husband) Kathy(my name) Orahood(our last name) and there use to be a kennel in the 1950's and 1960s that used RKO for their prefix and a movie making company in the US many, many years ago like the 1940s up until the 1950's I believe. Who uses RKO now? I use RKO has my Prefix on my real life dogs and most all of the other games that I play like this one. I guess I could come up with some thing else. I think I better look up RKO too. Thanks again, Kat

  • RKO is currently a trademark of WWE via Randy Orton. AKA RKO for his intials that has been trademarked to anything revolving around him. ^-^ Wasn't meaning to come off rude was just letting it be known as theres not very many WWE fans I've noticed around >_>;

  • @Dalton-Howell I know who you are talking about he is a fighter and RKO is most likely his name too. But I have been using RKO way before he came along and I do not think you were rude. Sad to say that I did not know who he was or that some one else would be using my Kennel Prefix lol.

  • Lol, I'm a massive fan of the WWE Universe and I guess it's why it stood out so much to me.

  • @Dalton-Howell That is ok I am sure he dose not know about me or The RKO Kennel or the RKO Movie company either :D

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    If you DM me a higher-res version of your brand & a photo of a horse with the brand in the same location as you want this, I can make it for you.
    (Sincerely doubt anyone is going to throw a fit about someone on a horse RP forum using the same three letters as a trademark)

  • @Elsie-Spectre Sure I just have to size it up and I will have a picture of one of my Hunt and Jump horse photos that have the brand on it. Thank you, Kat

  • Hello all sorry for not being around, my network was down for almost three weeks, it is finally back and we also had to fix the air conditioner too. It is true when it rains it pores lol. I am just happy that my net and air is back.

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