A little confused regarding registration and showing.

  • I have a few questions so its easier to just ask it all in one post...

    Regarding showing, what is an undeclared horse and how do I get them declared? They are registered. (One is undergoing a discipline change atm and I get that may take some time before I can compete her in that) I've tried entering in a few shows to figure things out and my horses are just disqualified and my entry fee taken...I could use a bit of help as to what I'm supposed to actually do.

    Now, regarding disciplines. Are horses unable to be versatile and are only allowed to compete in the 2 disciplines we give them now? (Primary and secondary)

    Thank you in advance for the help, so much has changed since I originally played and I'm trying to figure it all out. :slight_smile:

  • Undeclared basically means they don't have that disipline as a primary or secondary.

    Until you retire a horse from their primary or secondary that's all they can be in.

    So John Doe Horse can be in Dressage and Eventing but retire eventing and go into say Show jumping as a secondary once it's declared eventing retired

  • But thats where I'm confused...they were created and registered as having both of those disciplines when I created the horses and sent them in for registration where they were accepted. If I look up the horses the disciplines are listed for them. Is there an additional discipline registry or something where I need to register them in order for me to be able to show them?

  • Are they showing as "Undeclared" when you enter them into shows or are you just not seeing them on the leaderboard in order to know what level to enter? If thats the case you will need to look at Show History under the leaderbaord to determine what level they're at or use elsie's sheets to help enter shows. So long as they were accepted when you registered them they are considered declared for that displine. If you're trying to enter a horse that's Dressage/Eventing into a Show Jumping show...then Show Jumping is considered undeclared and you won't be able to enter until you retire from one of the primary/secondary disiplines

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