[WCIF] KWPN foal template?

  • Has anyone seen anywhere a KWPN foal template, but not as a foal horse ingame, but as an adult horse? If you know what I'm trying to say. I'd be so glad if anyone would link it up! If you can create it for me, I am willing to pay your price :)

  • It would be necessary to find someone a person who can make templates of foals of any type ?

  • I could possibly make a template. I do have quite a few sliders though, and its hard to keep track of the ones i use. I made these 'foals' using an adult horse sim :)
    1_1498134114651_tetvita-show.png1_1498134198766_vehlahni-show.png 0_1498134198766_azur-show.png

  • Wow it's just sublime ... it would be interesting to be able to have some template of this kind

  • :heart_eyes: I'd absolutely be interested in something like this and not just because i'm a big fan of your foal confo neeve :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • wow i would be interested! :OOOOOOO

  • I am with Luke on this, 😍😍

  • Wow i didnt expect this to be so popular <3 Ive already made a custom template for Kia which she has paid for. If people are interested I was going to create a service for people who want to purchase a template. I dont really want to put this one up for public download just becuase i know other people have had a few issues with templates being sold by other people claiming as their own. If people are really interested though im happy to create this service for people i know will do the right thing :)
    @Nina-Ricchi @Luke-Teth @Mia-Lyng @Maci-Collins

  • I want one

  • @Neeve-Kalford how much :D?

  • @Mia-Lyng Ive made a service here :)

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