Leopard gene in Swedish Riding Pony

  • So, I have been searching for quite a while, on occasion, to try and find examples of Swedish Riding Ponies with some sort of spotting pattern. It's not easy... The breed registry itself does not have a searchable database that's available to the public, and don't have a way to search by colour in their own systems either. However, I did find two examples in "blå basen", a national database where you can find basically any horse registered in Sweden. As the database does not provide pictures, I also went ahead and contacted the breeder of these two horses and got pictures directly from her.

    Ebbarps Top Dot
    alt text

    Ebbarps Duracella
    alt text

    If you look under "resultat" (results) for Duracella, you'll see that she actually got a gold plaque, with a total of 47 points, at a national show, hosted by the breeding society in Tingsryd on the 17th of august 2013. Top Dot was in the same show (look under her results) but only got a silver plaque with 36 points.

    They are by different sires, both of whom are approved in the core studbook with their own individual numbers (RP 146 and RP 163). I also contacted the breed registrar here in Sweden, who told me that yes, there are spotted Swedish Riding Ponies registered, but mostly, they are registered with breed code 99 (mixbreed) as opposed to 93 )Swedish Riding Pony. So, anyway, as you can see there are registered Swedish Riding Ponies with the leopard gene. Yes, I only found two examples, but keep in mind the breed itself is not very large, and colour breeding is not really a thing in the breed as type and performance capacity are what counts.

  • Approved :)

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