[ENDED] Sporthorse Auction

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    • Please do not severely edit the conformation of the horse. You may, however, make minor tweaks for posing purposes or things such as conditioning and pregnancy.
    • Base coat color and markings cannot be changed. Replacement markings may be used, shine/shade can be added/subtracted. All I ask is that you do not alter the horse so much so that it is unrecognizable (for example, if the horse has a blaze, you can change the blaze, but please do not remove it).
    • I will not be hunting for markings for you, sorry. (Unless custom)
    • Do not remove my prefix
    • Payment must be received before any files are transferred.
    • Please keep this horse active and showing. I don't require an "every single show" commitment, but I will ask that if you aren't going to show or use these horses, please sell them on to someone who will.
    • Please notify me if you intend to sell the horse so I can keep track of it.
    EVEC Challenger
    • 3rd generation Hanoverian mare born 05/17, EVEC Challenger is already showing great promise for the future. She receives a bonus of +8 in eventing, +5 in dressage, and +5 in show jumping, which gives you as her new owner options when registering her. She has fantastic flat movement and has been ground driven all around the farm. This lady is fearless, which would aid her in eventing if chosen as her discipline. Challenger comes with a main site profile, but has not been registered. Whatever course her future holds for her, this filly is sure to succeed.

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    EVEC Syndicate
    • Syndicate is a 05/17 thoroughbred colt. Originally bred for flat racing (+9), his dam retired to eventing after racing and passed +2 down to him, so he could very well go into eventing and not race at all. His future is completely up to you. As I own both sire and dam, neither are retiring any time soon and will continue to accumulate bonuses for him to enjoy. Syndicate has been started under saddle and will be ready to start racing very soon. (If you choose not to race him, I would recommend you adjust his weight to make him look sportier and not in racing condition)

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    EVEC Artfully Yours
    • "Art" is the first homebred connemara pony to come from my stable. Both of her parents are actively competing in Pony Show Jumping, and her dam is soon to start in dressage. While she only gets +6 to PSJ, she will eventually receive bonuses in dressage as well. Standing at 14.3hh, she is large enough to be comfortably ridden by both children and small adults. Art has inherited her dam's calm demeanor, and has been backed and line driven.

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    All horses start at $2,000. No Autobuy, minimum bid of $500.

    Horse Bid Amount/Bidder Auction Ends at...
    EVEC Challenger SB - Andrea 05:00 PM 06/23 EST
    EVEC Syndicate SB - Irene 08:38 PM 06/23 EST
    EVEC Artfully Yours $8,000 - Fiora 04:30 PM 06/24 EST

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    EVEC Challenger - Starting Bid

  • Breed Committee

    SB EVEC Artfully Yours

  • Development Committee

    Eldarion baby :heart_eyes:

  • Competition Committee

    I don't think you understand how much I love that horse <3 He truly is my favorite (but don't tell any of the others that... ;) )

  • EVEC Syndicate = SB

  • EVEC Artfully Yours - 3000

  • Development Committee

    @Heather-Tann said in [ENDS 24hrs ALB] Sporthorse Auction:

    I don't think you understand how much I love that horse <3 He truly is my favorite (but don't tell any of the others that... ;) )

    I'm so happy to hear that! :heart:
    I couldn't imagine a better owner for him. :blush:

    I can't resist to bid on her. :3

    EVEC Artfully Yours - 4k

  • EVEC Artfully Yours - 5000

  • am i too late ;-; because im scared xD

  • Development Committee

    EWEC Artfully Yours - 6k

  • EWEC Artfully Yours - 7k

  • Development Committee

    EWEC Artfully Yours - 8k

  • Competition Committee

    Syndicate and Challenger have sold! Please send the payment along with your emails and I will get files out tomorrow.

  • Competition Committee

    Artfully Yours has sold! Please send the payment along with your email and I'll get her file out tonight :)

  • Competition Committee

    @Mia-Lyng sorry, Fiora :/

  • @Heather-Tann ah ok sorry, just got confused because it said mia 7000 on the first post xD

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