Rate The Signature Above You Game

  • On the old forum I remember this being one of my favourite games to play as i loved seeing everyone's different banners and designs that they had created.

    You probably all know how the game goes but if you don't its very simple, rate the person above you's signature between 1-10. You may add a thing or two about what you like about the banner if you wish.

    I only have one rule and that is don't be rude, mean or hurtful. Remember this is a bully free forum so if you can't be friendly and not hurtful then please don't post here.

    I hope you all have fun! :)

    credit to the person who came up with the idea (sorry I don't know the name but if anyone knows then please inform me so that i can give them credit)

  • 9/10 - I think I already said it on the olf forum that I love your signature. Love the contrast between the non-colored background and the red front

  • 9/10. I love logos, and your's are amazing! Suitable to their respective stable, and not super bright or in your face. Wonderful :heart:

  • 9/10 - I love the simple classic look of the logo above.

  • ?/10. I can't see your signature 😱

  • 9/10 I am loving that blue.

  • 8/10-I like the look. It looks clean and elegant, but I am a little confused because of the non latain letters (Stvd=Stud?).

  • 9/10

    I love the font and simplicity of your banner, but the logo is maybe a touch too light against a white background?

  • Banned

    I really like the fond, its like celtic (?) design, kinda medieval! The green tree thing also is really creative!

  • ?/10
    I can‘t the image, seems like it got deleted?

  • 8.5 / 10 They are all beautiful! I particularly like the dainty leaves around the arabian :kissing_smiling_eyes: My only comment would be that the Vergessene Eleganz is a little blurry

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