[FOUND] specific mod

  • Is there a mod anywhere that allows you to only have pets in your family.. if you wanted that.. as well as purchase home lots without a sim being required?

    I was just wondering though.. If it doesn't already exist somewhere, is it possible to do? :horse:
    It would be so cool to just have horses on a lot without the need of a human..

    -cough cough- big herds of pretty wild horses running around are magical, just so you know. xD

  • I currently have a family with only 2 horses in it; i only have mastercontroller as mod. I don't really remember how i did it but i am positive that i started with 2 horses and a sim in a random lot, then clicked on the stable lot where i wanted to move -> mastercontroller -> add a sim (household) and selected the horses. It should work ^^

  • Oh wow. Never knew that. Ill try it later. Thanks!

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