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  • Hello,

    I'm currently redoing my ranch and all my barns. I've been trying to redo them but I can seem to make them look cozy inside due to have that ugly under roof color of flat grey. I've tried doing fake ceilings with the floor titles but i'm no master and it's not working out for me.
    Looking for a master that can do CFE, fake ceilings with floor titles for my barns. I have the layouts built already, just need the fake ceilings.

    I'll be paying well for this task. Please reply here or send me a message if you can help. I'd like to see examples so I know you can do this task. ;)

  • Have you tried a fake roof?

  • @Mia-Lyng said in [Wanted] CFE Builder:

    Have you tried a fake roof?

    Yes, doesn't work for the layout of my buildings.

  • aww, good luck though :D

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