Olympia Equine Services (ALL SERVICES OPEN)

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    Welcome to Olympia's Equine services, where i provide the public with multiple services for their horses.

    Veterinary Services
    Status: OPEN

    Areion Equestrian Center is pleased to open its veterinary office to any in need of equine veterinary services. All veterinary services are performed by our personal equine veterinarian, Katrina Lewis.

    Service Cost Description
    Genetic Testing $500 per Horse You may send a sample of your horse's blood to us to have their genetics determined. In order to do this, please fill out the form below. All payments should be sent to Riz Artemidoros on the mane site.
    Check-Up $750 per Horse You may ask our veterinarian to pay a visit to your stable and give your horses a full check up. The veterinarian will then look over your horse to see if she finds any signs of illness or injury. These can range from minor (Mild colic, influenza, cuts & scrapes) to major (Thrush, Laminitis, Splints, Quarter Crack). Katrina can also check for injuries that you suspect may have been sustained in the most recent competition. Checkups are determined by rolls of a ten sided die, with anything below 5 being completely fine and 6-10 being increasing levels of severity for injuries and illnesses. Dice will be rolled once for injury and once for illness. All payments should be sent to Riz Artemidoros on the mane site.

    Import Services
    Status: OPEN


    1. Do not remove the prefix assigned to the horse (Areion's) or add your own.
    2. Do not change the horse's competition name, should it come with one.
    3. Please do not change the mane/tail colors or the coat color of the horse. Adding/altering Detail markings and shine markings is fine.
    4. Please do not alter the conformation of the horse too much. If a new slider is released that could improve the way the horse looks, please feel free to add it.
    5. You are allowed to ask me to update the horse for you as new content is released. Depending on the complexity of the horse, this may or may not have an additional charge.
    6. Please do not change the gender of the horse, unless you are gelding a stallion.
    7. Please do not mass upload the horse anywhere. I will keep a backup just in case anything happens.
    8. Take good care of your new horse!
    Type Specification Cost
    Draft Breeds ACD, Clydesdale, Percheron, Vladimir Heavy Draft, Jutland, Boulonnais, Ardennes, Belgian $3000
    Baroque Breeds Barock Pinto, Andalusian, Warlander $3500
    Warmblood Breeds Hanoverian, Trakehner, Oldenburg, Belgian Warmblood, Danish Warmblood, Irish Sport Horse $2500
    Basic Coat Colors Black, Bays, Chestnuts $1500
    Single Dilute Colors Buckskin, Palomino, Champagnes $2000
    Double Dilute Colors Cremello, Perlino, Pearls $2500
    Grays Traditional Gray, Fleabitten, Bloodmark, Mulberry, Rose $2500
    Premade Markings Face, Legs, Pattern $500
    Custom Markings Face, Legs $1000
    Custom Pattern Tobiano, Overo, Appaloosa, Sabino, Splash $2000
    American Cream Draft Mare Sugarbush Draft Mare
    Jutland Draft Mare Black Forest Horse Stallion

    Embroidery Services
    Status: OPEN

    Hephaestus Saddlery is pleased to offer our embroidery services to the Equus community. We will embroider your logo onto saddlepads, blankets, and shirts. We can embroider logos in black, white, or a color.
    Please make sure in your application for the embroidery that you take into account the cost of the logo colors. There is a $100 fee for each color in the logo that goes on the item. Ex: Your logo has the colors black, red, and gold, that will be a $300 cost for the logo. I embroider each color separately for a realistic look, hence this extra small cost.

    Type Cost
    Saddlepads $2000 per Pad
    Blanket $3000
    Human Clothing $1500 per Item
    Custom Thumbnail $1000
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  • At this time i have opened TWO slots in the embroidery shop! They are first come first serve!

  • Only one slot left!

  • All slots are now closed!

  • Hey all! Its been a while! I have good news! I reworked my services and they are all once again open for business! Imports will be closed at five slots in order to allow myself time to complete current requests. Thank you all for waiting so patiently!

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