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  • @Halie-Lakes

    Katrina walks towards you after giving your mare a loving rub on the snoot. She looks at her clipboard and smiles at you.
    "Great news! Your horse's genetics came back, and shes perfectly healthy. Shes homozygous black, but heterozygous for flaxen and of course heterozygous for the overo gene. I have her full listed genotype here for you," she says as she unclips the paper with the results and hands it to you.
    As you look at the paper, it spells out the full genotype for your mare.
    Black - EE
    Agouti - aa
    Grey - gg
    Cream - nn
    Dun - nn
    Champagne - nn
    Flaxen - Ff
    Silver - nn
    Pangare - nn
    KIT - nn
    Overo - Oo
    Splash - nn
    Leopard - nn
    PATN1 - nn
    PATN2 - nn

  • @Richard-Sterling
    I've received your import request! The total cost of the import will be 7000

  • @Riz-Artemidoros Thank you! Ill add that to her genotype!

  • To add to my vet ceckup request :)
    These two fillies are about two weeks old and await their first health checkup to make sure they are fine.

    Bild Text
    smoky black - OCS Bittersweet Jewel, smoky cream - OCS Mirage Pearl.

  • @Kody-Böhming
    Sounds good! In the future, would you mind sending one request per horse? It makes my organization a little easier.

    Just so that I know and can add it to the horse, what is the custom marking you are wanting?

  • @Kody-Böhming

    The vet, Katrina Lewis, walks up to you from the stall the babies are in. She looks over her forms on her clipboard one last time before nodding and unclipping them, handing them to you.
    "Good news! Both foals look healthy! I cant find any signs of anything wrong with them. Two perfect little fillies!" She smiles. "Thank you for bringing them in. After a couple months I would be happy to check them again."

    Rolled a 4 for the youngest and a 5 for the oldest, so nothing of note came up!

  • So sorry to those waiting on services from me! I've been moving this month so things have been a bit hectic! Starting friday i will be officially settled and able to get back to work

  • hihi! are you taking requests? :) do you do western western saddle pads? ^^

  • @Piper-Chance
    This isnt a request thread, these are my services. I do embroidered western saddlepads for people that order them though.

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