Buying and Selling Prices, Whats the most you've ever paid?

  • I'm just curious of the different prices and such around the forum so I figured we could maybe start a little thread for fun. :slight_smile: (And I'm weird and think the little economy type thing Equus has going is pretty interesting.) Some questions and things to consider below. ^.^

    • Whats the most you've ever paid for a sims horse?

    • Why were you willing to pay this much? (Include breed, prior points, pedigree, etc)

    • If the creator/seller was a well known more popular name did this make a difference in your decision to buy the horse and/or pay more?

    • Whats the least you've ever paid for a horse?

    • For those of you that regularly sell horses, how do you decide on a price to sell said horse?

    • When looking to buy a horse, are you more likely to be interested in one that has a nicely edited sale photo? Than say over one that just showcases the horse itself with minimal editing. Do you still ask for unposed/sideview photos if the photo has been edited?

    • As a seller if you don't provide unposed/unedited confirmation photos in your add are you bothered when people ask for them?

  • No matter how pretty the coat is or how well the confo is made, I will not pay at all just on those facts alone. To me the only thing that makes horses worthy is their show background and history, but I am a person who cares more about show line then breeding for breed perfection.

    If it is a really well-bred horse with good pedigree with parents that had shown well I will pay anything from 40k-60k on them. I have never really gone above 40k though, so I guess that would be my max limit unless I am getting an good bundle deal.

    I will also say a good bit of my horses was just given to me, by my friends and the partners I have with my ranch. So the least I ever paid for a horse was zero dollars lol.

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