[ENDED] FWEC- Thoroughbred Mare

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    You are not allowed to change horse's appearance in any way. Stallions may be gelded and mane&tail style can be changed.
    You are not allowed to change horse's information and coat (except add some hd coats or missing markings).
    You are allowed to swap disciplines (if there are two), but you are not allowed to add new ones. You may retire horse from one discipline (if two) and compete in only one. Please let me know before hand.
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    Blog updates are not necessary, but always nice to see.
    If you decide to sell the horse later or, please contact me first, as I may be interested in buying it back.
    Payment has to be sent within 10 days from the purchase date. If that will not happen, we have the right to re-sell the horse.
    Autobuy is available.
    PM me if you want more pictures.

    FWEC Dandere
    (PCRA Walking Thunder x QMR Dark Matter)
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    Bay Thoroughbred Mare | 5th Generation | 3 y.o | Flat Racing (+11 Bonus Points) | Unregistered

    STARTING BID: $15.000

  • Competition Committee

    Starting bid please :)

  • @Heather-Tann said in [ENDS 24h ALB] FWEC- Thoroughbred Mare:

    Starting bid please :)


  • Sold to Heather Tann!
    Congrats! Please, send me your e-mail and payment :)

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