Picking Horses

  • Hi guys,
    I'm wanting to create a new horse for my stables but I can only have one (for the moment). So now I'm completely stuck on what breed to go with. I like them all too much.
    How do you guys decide on what to go with?

  • I just started with the breed I wanted to compete and breed with in the future. My favourites are warmbloods so i decided to stick with KWPN (dutch WB) and Swedish warmbloods as they were warmbloods and were quite popular breeds on equus at the time. So for me it was about the breeds i liked most but also about their popularity here. Having more popular breeds when i was starting out made it easier to make money from selling them as a wider audience of people were interested in them!
    Its really up to you what you choose, but i would suggest doing the same. Go for a breed you love but also factor in their popularity. Over all jsut pick a breed you know you will enjoy and have fun with! xx

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