[Wanted] Mares for breeding.

  • I'm looking for 2 mares to be bred to AWE Rougarou and AWE Delirium. Both stallions compete in Show Jumping. Rougarou has 52 points in Show Jumping, while Delirium has 46 points in Show Jumping.
    I have no set price limit at this current time, as I am waiting for things to settle right now.
    (I would keep the offspring as these 2 are being gelded by August)
    I would strongly prefer the mares to be show jumpers, however retired races(Thoroughbreds) who have changed to Show Jumpers will also be accepted. Mares do not need to be flashy colors
    (I'll accept Eventing, Show Hunters, or Dressage. Western discipline undesired but will be accepted if need be).

  • I'm going to bump this up. Rougarou is taken and I'm just looking for a mare to be bred with Delirium, he has achieved 50+ points in Show Jumping now.

  • PR Committee

    I have Hyacinth of Honiley, a foundation Dutch Warmblood mare, who competed in eventing and jumping. Due to age and a few injuries she's retired now to breeding, with 62 points in eventing and 67 in jumpers. Her breeding fee is 12k :)

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