Varieur Estates Newsletter - My beloved Josephine

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    Please enjoy yourself while visiting our Estate. Each horse has a treat bucket on a shelf that you made feed to them near their stall. We pride ourselves in PRE and a few warmbloods.

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    Sola came to the Estate an angry mare with trust for no man or woman that tried to come near her her previous owners were the type that bought a pretty pony for a spoiled little girl who knew nothing of horses or how to treat them. From a harsh bit that tore her spurs that bruised and ripped her sides..she was not going to let anyone close. She was 4 years old when Monique got her hands on her, it took many tries and months to get Sola to trust Monique but in the end...the mare is now glued to her hip! She has done well in her dressage training and has become the sweetest animal at the Estate. We hope she will continue her promising future with us and do us well when she finally takes that first pride filled step into the Dressage Arena!

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    Hello and welcome to our home! My name is Monique Varieur and we are pleased to have you visiting us. VE is a small establishment situated just outside the lovely Castellón de la Plana in Spain. We are dedicated to the sport of Dressage with the occasional Show Jumper. Breed wise we are baroque breed focused as a primary with very few secondary. While we are small we are mighty in our training and quality of life for our horses. No horse goes a day without attention, a month without a vet clearing it's health, a hoof check, and over all the conditions of our stables are kept tip top. The horses are the royalty of our home. So please! Take some time, visit the stables and pastures sample some of the fine grapes we ourselves pride to raise along with the other fine foods! There is a small restaurant on the guest house property with new samples daily! Want to go for a ride around the area? By all means ask one of the hands to saddle a lesson horse and enjoy! Tired of your journey? The guest house is open to anyone needing a place to rest their head and an attached stable to allow your personal horses some rest and relaxation as well!

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    Varieur's Freya, I'll provide more information about this mare shortly, for now a lovely photo to tease the crowd with.

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    Hello again, it's been some time since we late updated the newsletter! I am here today to welcome Joan and her lovely dutch warmblood stallion Varieur's Don Calypso. When Joan first arrived it was a bit of a tense situation as my head rider Monica felt the girl was a liar, so to prove why I hired her I had her put Roman, as we call him, through his paces. He is eventing bred and trained and doesn't mind a jumping saddle to do his warm-up's in. He gave a little buck as he was annoyed after being in a trailer for many hours but finally settled enough for Joan to work him. He went through the motions easy as pie . After she was done cooling him down Joan looked at Monica and simply asked "Any other foolishness from you? Or can I go get Roman settled in his stall finally?". I laughed, uncaring to if I hurt either girls feelings at this point and Monica..well she tossed her hair and spun on a heel headed towards the guest apartments.

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    Thank you...I hope that's a good wow :)

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    Dear Monique,
    This letter is to inform you that you have a horse waiting in quarantine at the east side shipping yard. It has come to our attention that the horse has aggression issues and is to be removed immediately following receiving this letter. Should you fail to pick up the animal we will be forced to return the creature to it's sender. On the topic of the previous owner of the horse we have been advised under no circumstance should we release the name or contact information. All paper work has been created without previous owner listed. You have 10 days to pick up the animal.


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    Today was a rather eventful day here at VE, you see the letter we had gotten was rather strange so we went to see what it was all about...but before we were even out of our drive a rather large trailer came rocking and knocking down the dirt road. "What the hell.." was all my youngest daughter, 16 years old of course, could say as we had to pull off into the small strip of grass lining one of the pastures. I quickly turned my Jeep around behind the trailer and followed it up to the corral we had just finished setting up for this mystery stallion. "So much for being back by sunset" I mumbled". Angie and I got out of the car and I took charge towards the drivers side door of the truck hauling the monstrous trailer.

    "Excuse me but, who the heck are you? This is private property and I have not heard of any form of animal large or small being delivered here today" I crossed my arms and began waiting for a stunned driver to answer.

    "Are you Monique Varieur? And is this Varieur Estates?" The gentleman said

    "Yes to both, but that doesn't answer my question"

    "Well ma'am, you had a horse down at the docks and I was told to load'em up and bring 'em to you. You see this here stud was causing a lot of trouble for the port. He tore down two fences and broke several of them harness things used to lead and load'em up. Wouldn't be to surprised to see that he damaged the inside of my box here" The man took his cap off while he was speaking and wrung it through it hands almost ashamed and bashful about his reason for being here.

    "Oh, well...I apologize for my rudeness then. I'd be more then happy to pay for any damanges he's done to your trailer. You can unload him into this corral, we were just heading out to come see what this mystery horse was all about when you came down the drive." I offered a kind smile while seemed to perk the man up some. And at that...the trailer was moved and backed up to the gate, the doors were opened and out came a drafty looking stud snorting and bucking! While we watched him strut his stuff around the paddock my daughter squealed "He's a gypsy vanner!!! It's from dad! It has to be! He's straight from ireland and that's where dad is!!!!". I started grumbling profanities under my breath . I signed the papers, gave the driver 1,000$ for any damanges to him or his trailer and stormed inside to make a phone call while Angie drooled and awed over her new stud.

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    Awesome to see more Gypsies around <3 There just aren't enough on Equus

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    Today was an exciting day! My beautiful spanish warmblood mare Josephine arrived at the stable! Josephine and I have had a special bond from the moment I purchased her as a weanling at an auction. She was a scared little runt, I thought she would end up being just a pasture pal for other horses due to her size, howeer I was dead wrong. As she grew she passed up my old school horse who stood at 16.2! She's now a lovely mare that enjoys flying over jumps and making her way through an eventing course. She's the first horse to greet me in the morning when I go into the barn or out to the pasture. When she finally arrived at our new home, I couldn't help put tack her up and take her out on the work-out course. Althought I got the most disapproving look from my boyfriend due to the lack of a helmet or vest I didn't care..I had my lovely Josephine.

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    Tail thanks to visculenhof

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    naughty naughty, no helmet XD

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock said in Varieur Estates Newsletter - A "Gypsy" Of A Tale:

    Beauitufl pictures.

    naughty naughty, no helmet XD

    Lol! Thank you! I figured a bow would help my head bounce a tad if I fell right? :P

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    Another photo of Josephine and I...gee can't tell she's my fave huh?

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