[ENDED] AQH Reining Mare Presented by WinStone

  • Development Committee

    Breaking my "no hosting horse auction rule" to bring this AQH mare

    Sale Terms: Issued July 6, 2016

    • Gender (unless gelding), coat and conformation may not be changed under any circumstances, unless you have my written permission. Adding HD markings, clips and other shine markings can be added at any time. * * Mane and tail style can be changed also.
    • Do not upload the horse to any mass download sites such as Mod the Sims, the Exchange, TheSimsResource. Should you be found doing this, the horse will be reclaimed and you will be banned from any future services.
    • The coat and conformation are not to be used as a base for any other horses or for personal templates.
    • The full show name may not be altered, including prefix. You may not add your own prefix/suffix.
    • If you become inactive within the community for 1 ES year (4 months) including updates, show entries, etc. without a warning, the horse will be reclaimed without warning and refund. Should you decide to sell the horse in the future, please ask me before doing so, I may want him back later on!
    • You must add the word reiner to you first bid or somewhere in your application in order for it to be accepted.
    • One you make a bid, it can't be withdrawn or changed. Please be careful when bidding!

    Grullo Splash American Quarter Horse, standing 14.3hh. LR bloodlines, including LR Playitagainsam and LR Buccaneer. Playgirl is a 5th generation reiner, but has Western Pleasure and Cutting in her pedigree as well. Bred by Erin Cook, this mare is a prize. She comes with custom markings, a stunning grullo coat and a mellow personality. Playgirl knows her job and she does it well.
    Basic Information Discipline Information
    Ee aa Dd nSpl Reining Registered; 5 points
    10 years old +1 Reining Bonus (may be more, but rest of ped. never had their points transferred
    One foal on the ground Rookie (3)

    alt text

    Starting Bid Minimum Bid Maximum Bid Auto-Buy
    $10,000 $1,000 None None
    Highest Bid
    $12,000 - Kaitlyn Lewis

  • OH OH Beautiful!

  • Ohh! Starting bid, please! Reiner <3

  • Development Committee

    @Kaitlyn-Lewis Accepted

  • 11k. Reiner

  • 12k please. <3

  • Development Committee

    Both accepted

  • Development Committee

    Bidding ends in 3 hours

  • Development Committee

    Congratulations @Kaitlyn-Lewis, you had the winning bid! Please send your payment on the Main Site, along with your email :D

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