Lindens Shop || 01/31 Shetland Pony template

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    01/31/19 - More pony love to the community, Shetland Pony template uploaded!
    01/26/19 Fjord Horse template uploaded!
    01/25/19 Shire + Gotland Pony template
    08/02/17 2 Thoroughbred templates added.
    04/18/17 Finnhorse template added!

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    Feel free to adjust the templates to your liking! I haven't measured them so their in-game heights might need to be adjust as well. The trotters only comes in racing type but feel free to adjust their body to make them suitable for riding if you want to! Most of the templates requires a couple of sliders in order to look like they do, I'll link to a list with the names of all the sliders that I have installed in my game. The templates do not come with coats.
    And of course, do not use my templates as a base for an import service or upload them to another site to earn money on them <3

    Campolina Florida Cracker French trotter
    Campolina Florida Cracker Frensh trotter
    Download Download Download
    Hackney Horse Paso Creole Paso Fino
    Hackney horse Paso Creole Paso Fino
    Download Download Download
    Peruvian Paso Racking Horse Russian trotter
    Peruvian Paso Racking horse Russian trotter
    Download Download Download
    SA Boerperd Spotted Saddle Horse Standardbred
    SA Boerperd Spotted Saddle horse Standardbred
    Download Download Download
    Tennessee Walking Horse Finnhorse Thoroughbred Racing
    TWH Finnhorse TBRacing
    Download Download Download
    Thoroughbred Sport Shire Gotland Pony
    TBSport alt text alt text
    Download Download Download
    Fjord Horse Shetland Pony New Breed
    alt text alt text alt text
    Download Download Download

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  • The templates are now uploaded and you're free to comment. Enjoy!

  • AWESOME templates! Thank you so much. I would definitely be downloading some if my game was working.

  • Administrators

    These templates have me weak

  • Annie why you do this to me!!!! I promised myself I won´t start with a bunch of horses again.... And now look at all these gorgeous templates o.o <3

  • Sorry for the late replies but thank you guys! It means a lot that you like my templates :slight_smile:

    Are there any specific templates that you want that hasn't been made ? I can take suggestions but there' s a couple of breeds that I won't/can't do but write your suggestions and I'll see what I'll come up with :slight_smile:

  • These are stunning! <3

  • I love all of these❤️ I'd love to see a saddlebred template , if you're willing/can 😌 Also, is it possible to upload the template as .sims3packs? It's okay if not!!

  • These are STUNNING... I think an anglo-arabian or thoroughbred template from you would be awesome!

  • Thank you Annie, these templates are gorgeous <3

  • Thank you everyone! I'll write saddlebred, anglo arabian and thoroughbred on my list :slight_smile: Also I prefer to save my templates as .sim file but if I change my mind in the future I'll write an announcement about it!

  • I know these have been done to death but have you considered just a basic all-around Warmblood? Some of the proportions in other Templates feel a little dated now and I think you could give it a good try :thumbsup: Still totally gonna snag that TB template though.

  • @Luke-Teth that's exactly how I feel!

  • Actually @Luke-Teth is right about that statement! Warmblood templates are all a little outdate.

  • Thank you for all the suggestions! I'll take some of them into consideration, it's gonna take a while before I'll manage to make them due to a hectic real life but better late than never :slight_smile:

  • People have asked a lot if I know any decent Finnhorse templates and since I really don't know any, I'd suggest a Finnhorse to be added to your amazing collection :blush: (Who knew?!)

  • @Luna-Andrews I've actually made a Finnhorse once for a friend so I could probably use that template :slight_smile:

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