Lindens Shop || 01/31 Shetland Pony template

  • These are stunning! <3

  • I love all of these❤️ I'd love to see a saddlebred template , if you're willing/can 😌 Also, is it possible to upload the template as .sims3packs? It's okay if not!!

  • These are STUNNING... I think an anglo-arabian or thoroughbred template from you would be awesome!

  • Thank you Annie, these templates are gorgeous <3

  • Thank you everyone! I'll write saddlebred, anglo arabian and thoroughbred on my list :slight_smile: Also I prefer to save my templates as .sim file but if I change my mind in the future I'll write an announcement about it!

  • I know these have been done to death but have you considered just a basic all-around Warmblood? Some of the proportions in other Templates feel a little dated now and I think you could give it a good try :thumbsup: Still totally gonna snag that TB template though.

  • @Luke-Teth that's exactly how I feel!

  • Actually @Luke-Teth is right about that statement! Warmblood templates are all a little outdate.

  • Thank you for all the suggestions! I'll take some of them into consideration, it's gonna take a while before I'll manage to make them due to a hectic real life but better late than never :slight_smile:

  • People have asked a lot if I know any decent Finnhorse templates and since I really don't know any, I'd suggest a Finnhorse to be added to your amazing collection :blush: (Who knew?!)

  • @Luna-Andrews I've actually made a Finnhorse once for a friend so I could probably use that template :slight_smile:

  • Finnhorse template added in the shop, enjoy! :slight_smile:

  • @Annie-Emerson said in Lindens Shop || 04/18 Finnhorse template added:

    Finnhorse template added in the shop, enjoy! :slight_smile:

    Amazing :heart_eyes:

  • Always wanted a Finnhorse to try out the breed.

  • Added two new templates, enjoy! :slight_smile:

  • So many mixed feelings!
    I dunno if I should switch templates or not but I love your templates!

  • Moderation Committee

    Lovely templates Annie! or should I call you Therese from now on? Either way I love them, thanks so much for sharing :heart:

    You are tempting me so badly to get a standardbred with your template :weary: They're a breed that's very close to my heart irl so I might just have to...

  • Breed Committee

    That TB template is great - have a feeling I'll be using it to base mine on from now on! I might have to sneak a few new breeds in with the other templates too

  • Thank you, ladies! <3

    @Elin-Fredriksdotter I'll probably listen to both lol xD You can call me Annie until they've changed it officially (or Therese if you prefer that ^^). You should! <3 I've been tempted as well if I'm gonna be honest lol, to have like a rescue pon sort off.

  • As if I needed a reason to download a template. Why do you do this to me?!

    Seriously, you did an amazing job on that TB template.

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