Rabicano in Marwaris

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    Looks like rabi isn't listed for Marwaris at the moment. I present the following examples:

    From Manu Sharma Photography

    colt Pratap sire prabhat

    Colt Lalbeer sired by Alishaan

  • To be honest I'm not completely convinced by these... Since rabicano is purely a phenotype with no known associated genotype at this time, I would like to at least see examples with a more characteristic rabicano striping + white root of tail appearance. These could just be caused by some minimal 'sabino' roaning.

  • PR Committee

    Rabicano only sometimes produces ribbing, in many cases it's just ticking like seen here especially in minimal cases. Even in more extensive cases, defined ribbing patterns aren't even seen 50% of the time.

    I'd love to give you more pictures, but most of these horses have two pictures max so angles are proving hard to find. Additionally, a lot of Marwaris have their tails shaved, so seeing / finding any with the skunk tail will prove difficult.

    I've included additional photos of Pratap that show his ticking quite clearly here: link text

    I have also found:
    Unnamed Filly, Sire Shandaar dam Kaveri link text
    She clearly displays white ticking and white skunk tail as hers is not shaved like the others

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