[OPEN] Foal Template Using Adult Horse File

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    Hey everyone! So for my last foal crop i decided i didnt have enough poses for actual foal sims. So i created my foals using adult sims, this way they can be posed using normal adult poses and they're conformations can be altered a lot more! This is a service for everyone who would like a template like this. Below are some photos of my foals that I've created using the template in game :)


    • Please dont put this template up for mass download. I've put a lot of effort into it and it is one I use personally. I decided against putting it up for free download due to some issues with templates being sold on by other people. I hope this will prevent that.
    • Other than that just enjoy it and have fun with it!
    • You may change it up however you like and tweak it to suit your horses
    Photo of the actual template in CAS coming soon
    PRICE - 25k
    Please comment below if you are interested and i will send you the file as soon as i receive payment.
    1 Nina Ricchi
    2 Maci Collins
    3 Luke Teth
    4 Erin Ward
    5 Riz Artemidoros
    6 Jacqueline Enigma
    7 Heather Grissett
    8 Available
    9 Available
    10 Available

  • I am interested !! Do you need to apply?

  • @Nina-Ricchi Nope no need to apply :) Id just like to keep track of who has the template! I will send the file straight over once payment is sent xx

  • #exclusive B)

  • payment sent <3

  • Interested! Sending payment now 😍

  • I'm in! :eyes: Sending the money :money_with_wings:

  • I'm interested, if there's still a slot open. :kissing_heart:

  • I'd love to purchase a few if theres still slots open! I need some of these for my draft babies

  • Been looking for something like this for ages, if there is still a slot open please let me know and I will send payment. :slight_smile:

  • All accepted : )) will send the file as soon as payment is made xx

  • Sent! :D

  • I'll take a spot if still available!!
    I've always wanted to have a foal / yearling template for my babes xD

  • @Heather-Grissett Yep still spots available :) i will keep adding more slots for the time being

  • Woot! Sent payment <3

  • I would like it please. :D Money has been sent :D

  • is this still open? ^^

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