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  • Hello!

    Just curious as to what image hosting sites everyone uses to upload their images to and link here. I normally use photobucket but I've just looked in my album on here and it's replaced them all with a graphic telling me to upgrade my account as the basic doesn't have 3rd party hosting or something (never realised this before). So I'm going to need to upload and relace the links (lonnggg) haha. I have a few on Imgur but was just wondering what everyone recommends?

    Thank you very much!

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    I've had great success using Pinterest :D

    1. You can use the boards to organize your photos
    2. Easily added & editable comments so you can keep track of whats going on in each picture
    3. Uploads photos full size
    4. No third-party hosting restrictions or file size limits
    5. Awesome viewing of all your pictures!
    6. With a little HTML you can get it to load in your website - one less thing to keep updated! (My WIP website showing it off)
      Check mine out :D

  • @Elsie-Spectre

    Ooo really! Didn't really think of Pinterest! I have one for my photography which I occasionally upload to too!

    Will make myself another account later as sounds handy to have different boards to organise photos! Will follow you when I set it up :D

    Thats handy for the website too! Looks good (I'm rubbish at updating our website haha just forget about it)

    Thank you very much! :D

  • I use Imgur, I create different albums to keep it organized. Like one album for scrapbook pictures, one for registration pictures and so on. Works like a charm.

  • @Annie-Emerson Ohh really didn't realise you could have albums on Imgur! Will take a look thanks! :D

  • I use imgur too and I've always been happy with how it works : ))

  • I never thought about using Pinterest; that seems a rather clever idea, actually. :thinking:

    I use Tumblr and tag things meticulously to keep it organised. Similar perks to using Pinterest; it's free to use, there are no hosting restrictions and you can upload large files- with the added bonus of being less likely to spiral out of control chasing the ideas it suggests to you on the side. :wink:

    I used to use Imgur, which I thought reliable and organised, but they changed their ToS a while ago and it kind of... turned me off using it. Just to be on the safe side, you know?

    Also, don't use Imgur to host image libraries you link to from elsewhere, content for your website, advertising, avatars, or anything else that turns us into your content delivery network. If you do – and we will be the judge – or if you do anything illegal, in addition to any other legal rights we may have, we will ban you along with the site you're hotlinking from, delete all your images, report you to the authorities if necessary, and prevent you from viewing any images hosted on We mean it.

  • @Ariadne-Waters Jesus wow! I does that mean we technically cant use it to link photos here? I didnt realise they changed the ToS. Those words sound very scary and i dont want to go to jail :joy: im innocent i swear!

  • I use wordpress

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    This is what turned me off as well. Chances are they'll never find you or take action.. but I'd rather not deal with any of that. Pinterest suits me just fine :)

  • I use, creates short links and photos are available all the time :)

  • @Ariadne-Waters

    Say what really?! I actually just started to upload all old pictures to Imgur to link to as couldn't figure out how to bulk upload to Pinterest! Though think I will upload all future ones to Pinterest or elsewhere!

    Oo really do you! I have a tumblr but I seem to have forgotten about it :laughing:

  • @Kia-Williams ooo really not heard of that one will check it out! Thank you :)

  • I've been affected by this too, so all my images are down until I can sort out an alternative. I'm not going to be jumping into anything. I've been on the Net a lot of years and been a moderator on other forums. I've seen what happens to the unwary who aren't careful what they sign up to.

    Imgur is obviously not going to be an option with that clause in their TOS. Also I'm not at all comfortable with using other services in a way they weren't intended for. So far I've not found anything that fills the brief, so still looking. Any ideas are welcome.

  • I use which is a simple little site that has a desktop application, so I can right-click anything (Not just images, but images work too!) and upload it, and it'll copy a link to my clipboard once the upload is done. It has a very, very simple online browser and I've never really tried to organize my photos in it (I'm honestly not sure if you can) But if you wanna upload a picture quickly it's super handy.

  • Yep I used photo bucket and I am not happy with what they have done. So I am looking for a new hosting site too. I am going to have to go to some of my other forums to replace a lot of pictures and I am not looking forward to the job ahead of me either.

  • @Luke-Teth

    Ooo really that sounds super handy will have a look! Thank you! :)

  • @Katharina-Opalhaven

    Oh gosh tell me about it, I have my album here and on two others and it's just long! sigh

  • @Luke-Teth Will this work with W10 ?

  • @Katharina-Opalhaven I'm currently running the latest version of W10 and it works fine.

  • @Luke-Teth Thanks :D

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