[ENDED] Whitebrook Equestrian Center Sport Horse Auction

  • Welcome! This is a re-claim auction. All of these horses were sold to members who fell inactive and they have since been given makeovers and are being sold again. Some are undergoing discipline changes and some are not registered. All information about each horse can be found under their descriptions.

    ALL pictures are UN-EDITED, this is exactly how they appear in-game. I do have a lighting mod by Burnt waffles. CAS pictures and under saddle pictures are available at client's request.

    Auction Terms:

    • You are not allowed to alter the coat or conformation in any way other than the addition or subtraction of shine markings.
    • Coat and conformation are not to be used for any other horse.
    • Horse name cannot be changed and prefix may NOT be changed. You cannot add your own prefix. You can change the barn name.
    • If you ever want to sell one of these horses, I reserve the right of buying him/her back first.
    • I would like these horses to go to active homes where they will be entered in random shows and shown off in scrapbooks.
    • Bids must increase a minimum of $1,000 at a time
    • Sale ends 24 hours after the last bid.

    Name: WEC Stay Pretty
    Breed: Hanoverian
    Color: Bay
    Gender: Mare
    Height: 16.3
    Birthday: 10/12
    Breeding: VRH Bacardi x ILA Kaleidoscope Heart
    Discipline: Show Jumping
    Main Site: HERE
    Starting Bid: $20,000

    alt text

    WEC Stay Pretty had been used primarily as a broodmare but before that was an active Show Jumper who gained 52 points during her career. We would love to see this horse go to a home where she will be shown again before having more babies. Stay Pretty is just like her name says...a stunning dappled bay who will catch anyone's eye. This mare is big but also gentle, she could easily pack around lesson students and show Intermediate or Open the next day. She has the best personality and is a barn favorite! We are sad to see her go but would like her to find people of her own.

    Name: WEC Chronicle
    Breed: Hanoverian
    Color: Chestnut
    Gender: Stallion
    Height: 16.3
    Birthday: 07/12
    Breeding: WEC/CDC Onatello (WEC Legato) x WEC Czara (WEC Tanqueray and Tonic)
    Discipline: Show Jumping
    Main Site: HERE
    Starting Bid: $18,000

    alt text

    WEC Chronicle was originally registered as a dressage horse on the old forum but was never shown and fell inactive. We are in the process of changing him to a Show Jumper, and a discipline change form has already been submitted. We think due to his lineage and the fact that he will have pedigree points in jumping he would be better suited in that discipline. He is a BIG, BOLD mover and not for a beginner! He is tall and handsome, full of chrome, and is sure to catch the judges attention in the show ring. He is the grandson of WEC Legato and son of WEC/CDC Onatello who recently entered the show ring again after an injury that took a long time to rehabilitate. He has a few foals on the ground but we are hoping his new owner will show this beauty.

    Name: WEC Tosca
    Breed: Hanoverian
    Color: Chestnut
    Gender: Mare
    Height: 15.2
    Birthday: 03/13
    Breeding: WEC Tanqueray and Tonic x WEC Wild Heart
    Discipline: Show Jumping
    Main site: HERE
    Starting Bid: $8,000

    alt text

    WEC Tosca has had multiple homes and is a registered Hanoverian mare who has been used both as a broodmare and in the Show Jumping ring. Tosca would be a great broodmare for her future owner but she still has plenty of miles on her to be used as a show horse as well. She is out of our first ever and most popular stud, WEC Tanqueray and Tonic. This mare is gentle and could easily pack younger students around a course as well. We are hoping Tosca will find a loving home, she is a sweet mare!

    Name: WEC Cinestyle
    Breed: Hanoverian
    Color: Black
    Gender: Mare
    Height: 16.1
    Birthday: 04/12
    Breeding: WEC Tanqueray and Tonic x WEC Desert Rose
    Discipline: Dressage
    Main Site: HERE
    Starting Bid: $8,000

    alt text

    WEC Cinestyle is an un-registered Hanoverian mare who we think is best suited to the dressage arena. Her new owner will need to register her. She is out of our most popular and first ever stallion, WEC Tanqueray and Tonic. We recently were able to re-claim her after she was sold to an inactive home. We are treating her as if she is a 4 year old just starting out her show career, with a brand new makeover. This mare is big, bold, and beautiful and has a long show career ahead of her! She is sure to pass on her characteristic soft eye and bold shoulder to all her offspring.

  • WEC Stay Pretty - SB

  • PR Committee

    Starting Bid on Tosca!

  • SB - WEC Cinestyle

  • WEC Stay Pretty ~ $21,000

  • 9k~ Tosca!

  • I love "Stay pretty"

  • CRAP WHAT AM I GOING TO DO! I could try but oh crap (pretty horses can I pet them?)

  • Why was WEC Tosca reclaimed? It was me who owned her for the past few years, and I retired her? :p

  • @Eowyn-Vance said in [Ends 24h ALB] Whitebrook Equestrian Center Sport Horse Auction:

    Why was WEC Tosca reclaimed? It was me who owned her for the past few years, and I retired her? :p

    Because she was in the Reclaimable acount probably? I'm doing that with all my horses in there too, especially those that weren't shown much before 2.5.

  • SB on Chronicle
    22k on Stay Pretty

  • @Eowyn-Vance Sent you a PM
    @Nina-Ricchi Thanks! <3
    @Mia-Lyng Sure you can pet them! lol

    All bids accepted!

    High bids so far:
    22,000 on Stay Pretty
    9,000 on Tosca
    8,000 on Cinestyle
    18,000 on Chronicle

  • 11k - WEC Tosca :eyes:

  • Cinestyle- 10k

  • 11k Cinestyle.

  • Stay Pretty 23k

  • 12k for Cinestyle

  • Stay Pretty 24k

  • 13k - Cinestyle

  • Stay Pretty 24k

  • WEC Stay Pretty ~ 25k

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