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    @Leda-Monroe I wish I still had my ps2 with all of those games. Which one was your favorite? I think '04 was mine.

  • @Johanna-Masters 2004 was the best one. I tried 06 but hated the way breeding and storymode was set up.. I actually never tried any of the others :o

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    @Leda-Monroe I agree 100% '03 was good too. I liked that you could actually train the horses you bred at the farm instead of them randomly going to a trainer and you having to buy them yourself. I only played a little bit of 2001 and I think it's pretty similar to 2006. It's a shame they stopped making the series in the US. Apparently the series is still popular in Japan.

  • Your place looks really pretty! Can't wait to see more! :)

  • @Johanna-Masters I am forever jealous of japan, and the fact i cant read japanese. Otherwise id buy the new versions :(

  • @Luna-Andrews Thank you !

  • So we have finally gotten some of our horses shipped up to the new place! All of the horses are living in the paddocks/pastures getting fat and happy on grass while the barn renovations finish up. We cant be more in love with new place, the views are absolutely stunning....

    My favorite girl Apocrypha settling in nicely, shes actually getting along with other mares for once!
    Quality girl time <3
    Mountain View..
    And little Nahliah found her way into the barn and looks quite pleased with the current progress ;)

  • Nice to see they are settling down! Such lovely big pastures!

  • @Lidija-Rotherford Thank you :)

  • A while back I was able to reclaim a special baby I bred, her name is Waking Dream BE or "Dreamy" . She is Apocryphas first baby, and holds a special place in Ledas heart. Dreamy is going to begin her showing career very soon. Here they are checking out the new giant arena that is about two 64x64 lots!


  • Heres an older photo of Leda and Yankee Zee at the old barn. This was taken the day before he was put in the trailer to be taken 3 hours North to the new farm. Leda was cleaning him up after a good rain in the late evening, and we were able to capture the adorable personality Yankee has. He was Ledas very first Thoroughbred horse. He is very goofy and so easy to be around, and takes care of even the most inexperienced horse person.

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    Dreamy is so pretty and elegant. And I am in complete awe of your gorgeous facilities and all those spacious pastures!

  • @Callixta-Rosella thank you <3

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