Blackstone Leases

  • Name Gender Discipline Status
    Cherry on Top Mare Flat Racing Urgent
    The Serpent Mare Flat Racing Urgent
    Monster of Florence Mare Flat Racing Urgent
    Vampire of Silesia Mare Flat Racing Urgent
    Giggling Nanny Mare Flat Racing Leased
    Night Stalker Mare Flat Racing Leased
    QMR Aristide Stallion Eventing Free
    Aerion's Chaos Reigns Stallion Eventing Free
    CWA Drop the Puck Mare Show Jumping Free
    Vicar's Cover Girl Mare Dressage Free
    SBS Reyna Mare Dressage Free
    TMS Peaches N' Cream Mare Dressage Free
    TMS Mist Dancer Stallion Dressage Free
    LCR Captain America Stallion Dressage Free
    Blackstone's Arlotto Stallion Reining/Western Pleasure Free
    Blackstone's Marzanna Mare Western Pleasure/Barrels & Poles Free
    Blackstone's Artaxerxes Stallion Reining/Barrels & Poles Free

  • When I get active again, I can lease your western Ponies :)

  • @Vivien-Stone Do you still need these ones leased out I also messaged you in slack if you do.
    Cherry on Top - The Serpent - Monster of Florence - Vampire of Silesia - Giggling Nanny - Night Stalker - QMR Aristide - Aerion's Chaos Reigns - CWA Drop the Puck - Blackstone's Arlotto - Blackstone's Artaxerxes

  • Giggling Nanny & Night Stalker are with me

  • If you offer any sort of monthly compensation I can take the flat racers ;)

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