[Found]5 Gypsy Vanner Studs for breeding!

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    Yes, me, the lady with 45 Gypsy Vanners, is looking for Studs that are not from my current stock.

    Reasons: My oldest mares are 17 at the moment, I plan to retire them in the next couple of Equus years, long enough for them to get titles. I don't want to pull from my young stallions, I rather they not be cross back to these older horses as they are my very first Gypsy Vanners I ever had (they were my first created vanners) and as such I didn't get very many brood from them if none at all. It almost feels a waste to use my young studs and I'm not willing to do it. I rather introduce new blood altogether while also creating 2nd gen horses.

    How many: 5 mares, I would like one stallion for each mare. I know that I'm grasping straw here, I don't know how many studs are actually active on Equus besides my own.

    What I'm accepting: ANY STUD THAT IS NOT RELATED TO ANY OF MY HORSES IN ANY WAY! this means studs that I created can be used so long as they are none of my 2nd gen gypsy vanners. They do not have to be foundations and foundations are accepted if not preferable. I don't care what colors, as long as it's real, I don't care what disciplines, I'll make it work somehow, and you do not need to send me there files I can build off their own confirmation from photos.

    I am willing to do this as BIY or you may create the foal, however, I would like to reserve the right to make any markings myself. I am very willing to pay for the stud as well though my limit is under $10,000 preferably under $7,000. studs DO NOT need to be titled or even have points at all. I want their name on the babies pedigree. that's it. This can be a gypsy vanner you have had sitting on your profile for years and I will still use him. period. I do ask that he be at least registered to current 2.5.

    just DM me with your offers and photos. It's a first come first serve.


    DPS Cilla | Dressage | Black Tobi -Still Looking-
    SiLS- The Ebony of Cypress Trees | Western Dressage | Halter| Pearl Silver [Found]
    SiLS- Checkered Stone's | Dressage | Carriage Driving | Black Tobi | -Still Looking
    SiLS Strawberry Girl | Dressage | Halter | Strawberry Roan | [Found]
    SiLS- Beloved Little Heart Spot | Western Dressage | Halter | Leopard Appaloosa | [Found]

  • PR Committee

    I'm still looking for two more stallions!

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