what happens if...

  • Hi! What happens if I try to register a horse whose breed standarts aren't yet in master breed thingy? Do I have to do my research and get another colour in master breed thing?

  • As long as the breed is listed in the MBL you can register the horse :slight_smile:

  • If a coat colour is not on the MBL I suggest you doing some research and get evidences that that coat colour/marking exists on the breed. If you register the horse first it will be declined and will ask you to change the coat colour or breed. ^^

  • But the breed is like full blank in MBL

  • Maybe because the breed is very restrictive, for example Menorquin horses can only be black. Although you can always suggest adding new coat colours, markings to the breed you talk about with real evidence of course. Just curious, what's the breed ?

  • @Shannon-Grant Falabella, I already made the topic on forum

  • Oh yeah I saw the post, Morgan Cameron as the Breed Committee Director is in charge of approving these kind of things, between many other things, so you just have to wait till she approves it.

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