Can Someone Fill Me In?

  • Hi, I'm an old member of equus-sims who stopped playing a long time ago and I've recently rediscovered the community. Its bee 4 years since I've been involved in any of this so could someone fill me in on what happened and why there are 2 different communities now? I know Equus 2.0 was when they changed to have a money and point system but I don't know about anything after that.

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    the original founder , christina, has opened a new forum keeping the name equus-sims, more for the traditional way of playing, so think before 2.0. This equus-community is moving forward into more simulated gameplay so no more T showing, and they are creating a new site thats easier to play on. So its all integrated into the site. It depends how you like playing, if your not familiar with anything after 2.0 then go to equus-sims, but if youd like to learn this way of playing, stay here :)

  • Essentially, the sister site (1.1, the one Christina is running) took the name, but we've kept the main site :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If you're wanting to play here you can still log into the main site (now at with your old credentials and register for these forums using your name on there, just like on the old forum. Besides the lack of T-Shows (Replaced by the Roleplay Phase of certain hosted shows) nothing much has changed :smiley:

  • Ooo I see. Wow a lot really has changed. Both sites sound really interesting I'll definitely look into them then thanks! :grinning:

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