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    The Falabella miniature horse is one of the smallest breeds of horse in the world, seldom taller than 8 hands/81 cm in height at the withers.
    Beginning in the 1940s, a descendant, Julio C. Falabella, created a formal breed registry, the Establecimientos Falabella, now the Asociación de Criadores de Caballos Falabella (Falabella Horse Breeders Association), and worked to standardize the breed to reach a consistent height, first achieving an average size of under 100 cm.
    They are similar to Thoroughbreds or Arabs in their conformation, with a sleek coat and a slim frame. The Falabella’s body is small and compact. The breed also inherited some cob-like features from pony bloodlines, including sturdy bone, and a thicker hair coat, particularly the mane, tail and around the fetlocks.
    Things for master breed list

    Base colour - black, bay, seal brown, chestnut, wild bay
    Modifiers - cream, dun, pangare, flaxen, sooty, silver, champagne
    White - tobiano, frame overo, sabino, splash, dominant white, roan, rabicano
    grey - yes
    appaloosa - yes
    outcrosses - none

    Colours and evidences
    alt text
    carrying the flaxen
    alt text
    appaloosa patterns
    alt text
    carrying silver
    alt text
    roan I think
    alt text
    dun and overo
    alt text
    homozygous frame sabino
    alt text
    alt text
    sabino splashed
    alt text
    silver + sooty + splash
    alt text
    carrying mealy

  • I'm a little torn on this one... We have a rule where if a breed isn't distinct and you can already register it on Equus as it is, we don't add it. If you made one of these, you could already register it as an American Miniature (as you can irl) and other than bloodlines there isn't really much of a distinction between the two... Does anyone want to argue a case for the Falabella being distinctive enough to be worth adding separately? Or perhaps we could consider changing the current "American Miniature" to simply "Miniature Horse" and including both under that umbrella.

  • @Morgan-Cameron
    As I know American Miniature is just cross of falabella, shetties and mini's small enough. I have nothing against just making "miniature horse" where we can register anything mini.

  • I looked into this yesterday because I was curious the difference as well.

    The American Miniature Horse is defined as a "height breed." Anything less than a certain height can be registered by the AMHA regardless of breed (the mature animal must not exceed 34 inches -from AMHA). While the Falabella is defined as a pure-breed of miniature horse of originators from Argentina.

    So, as I interpret it, while a Falabella can be registered with both the FMHA and the AMHA, a "Miniature Horse" may not meet the requirements to be registered with the FMHA as it must be of pure Falabella blood.

    There are less than 2000 Falabellas registered in the FMHA since its incorporation in 1973. Only small herds are known to exist in the USA and most other countries, and their number is estimated to be only several thousand in the entire world. There is a strong demand and limited supply due to the small number in existence. There are distinct differences between Falabellas compared to American Miniature Horses. The rarity and purebred Falabella ancestry of every Falabella is what primarily sets it apart from all other Miniature Horses.
    -from the FMHA

    I'm not arguing either way. Just thought I'd add this since I had stumbled upon it myself the other day. However, I would note that Falabella is already a horse breed on the main site and presumably the MBL hence the request to fill out the MBL instead of add it. So this may be more of a "collapse into another breed" discussion instead of an adding one.

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    I'm happy to better fill out the color and outcross information for Falabellas since we already have them as a breed- but I need to see some confirmation that these examples are in fact Falabellas

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