[OPEN] Silver Dappled Titled Stud

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    • you can edit shape/colour of horse as you wish
    • do not reuse template/ coat on other horses and don't use it as a base
    • you can do whatever you want with horse
    • if you miss markings, lemme know (but I might not be able to help, but I will try anyways)
    • selling is big no no without consulting me first
    • you can name it whatever you want, but please keep prefix
    • update people, update, once every 4 months please
    • if you break rules, you will be banned from other services
    • if you read rules, put spicy meme in application
    1. You can give me mare (or just give her genotype and picture) and I make you baby
    2. BIY, you make the baby, (you won't receive his file, no no) and price of service is 50%

    If you pick 1. the price includes stud fee and making baby by me. If you want to get his profile, genes, pictures ,freshly cleaned and clipped pon and everything +2000 in equus money. If not, the profile is up to you (you can always get help from me).

    SAI Apollo is foundation Icelandic Stallion. He has beautiful Silver Dappled (black with silver) coat and also carries splash gene. This Stud is about 14 hands, but is able to carry any person. Apollo has proven himself in Speedracking (Regional Champion) and Endurance (Regional Champion). Overall 112 points. He is five-gaited, that means 100% of his offsprings will be gaited and if mare also can rack, it's big chance for pacer.
    Apollo is bomb-proof, but in no way lazy. Can be kept in pasture with other stallions if no mares are around. He is very smart horse and pick up new skills extremely fast. His only offspring, filly has grown up to be great trail horse.

    alt text

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    • icelandic mares accepted, gaited will be considered. Non gaited may be refused.
    • please PM me with details of mare

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